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Strategically counter rising energy prices and legal requirements
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Tapping into savings potential. What makes our systems so interesting for you

When looking for new energy-saving measures, it may be particularly worthwhile to take a look under the hall roof. There, infrared heating systems with maximum efficiency could make high savings potential available to you. Savings potential that will not only help you achieve your efficiency targets, but also reduce your variable costs. Sustainable.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Let us give you a few concrete advantages:

  • Innovative, award-winning energy-saving technologies that reduce energy costs by up to 70 %.
  • Even, flexibly controllable heat distribution - only where you want it to be warm.
  • Residual heat utilization and highly intelligent system control to make optimum use of all resources.
  • Modularly expandable for long-term use in new build and renovation projects.

From a hall height of 4 meters, there are few alternatives

Today, every modern technology is measured against efficiency criteria. This also applies to the systems for heating your hall buildings. A wide variety of systems and energy sources are available. It is therefore important that you know the differences.

This is because technologies that are good for normal room heights are far from being so for room heights of 5, 15 or 20 meters. Today, gas-powered infrared heaters are by far one of the most functional and economically lucrative solutions. After all, hardly any other technology is so precisely tailored to the usage profile of halls.
Let's discuss this in detail
  • Ceiling structure and lighting in industrial hall
  • Large industrial hall with workers and material.
  • Warehouse with shelves and pallets.

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Warehouse with pallets and lifting platform

How efficient heating systems meet the legal requirements

The energy efficiency targets pose challenges for companies. At the same time, the GEG (formerly EnEV/EnEG/EEWärmeG) raises numerous questions about what is still permitted. One in particular: Are you allowed to use gas-powered hall heating systems at all? Yes, you can - and you should!
Read clear text on heating requirements in hall buildings
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Let's take the next step together

Every hall is different. With more than 30 years of company history, there is hardly a requirement that is foreign to us. Together with our customers, we have implemented the right solutions. If you are ready to implement economically proven heating concepts for your hall, then you have come to the right place.
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