Smart heating solutions for agriculture and horticulture

Infrared resembles the natural heat of the sun. It provides perfect conditions for animal welfare and confinement – and is also ideal for plant cultivation. KÜBLER infrared systems can be precisely regulated and improve the indoor climate. And in addition to reliable frost protection, they provide patented CO2 fertilization on request.


Because agriculture and horticulture have their own special requirements, KÜBLER has developed and patented targeted agricultural heating systems. Ones that are not only precise and adjustable but also energy saving and cost-effective. And of course dust- and draft-free. KÜBLER’s stall heating systems are specifically developed for the well-being of animals in stalls. They offer sophisticated design features and a low-NOx burner head type Agrarnox®, which reduces the emissions of NOx and unburned exhaust gas components. And in horticulture, it also enables secure CO2 fertilization.


  • Reduces the minimum ventilation rate by avoiding condensate
  • Increases oxygen content through controlled fresh air supply
  • Protects airways through closed exhaust gas routing and avoids dust turbulence
  • Corrosion-proof stainless steel design
  • Avoids crowding or grouping of animals
  • Keeps bedding warm and dry
  • Reduces risk of disease


  • Ideal for CO2 fertilization
  • Direct heat transport to plants and substrate
  • No freezing of pipes as there is no hot water system
  • Energy savings of up to 30 %
  • Flexible zone heating
  • Moisture resistant
  • Space-saving installation in the roof area

Best conditions in livestock breeding

Choosing the right heating system contributes significantly to improving the rearing environment. The animal’s well-being is essential for good development and desired weight gain. Energy-saving infrared heaters help to achieve this.

Frost protection and pleasant warmth in the milking parlor

For milking parlor heating, infrared heaters from KÜBLER offer optimal conditions. Especially important: the pleasant warmth for people and animals. Without being disturbed by drafts or fan noise. The desired temperatures for different times of use can be set quickly and easily via the KÜBLER control system. Thus the milking parlor is pleasantly tempered at milking times. Lines and equipment are protected against frost. And all this without constantly burning energy unnecessarily. By the way: The systems can easily be retrofitted into existing milking parlors.


Healthy plant hygiene

The infrared rays primarily heat plants and substrate. Not the greenhouse air. This shortens the drying time of the plants – an effective prevention of spore formation and optimized plant hygiene. In combination with CO2 fertilization, plant protection products can be saved.

Effective CO2 fertilization

The exhaust gases from the infrared units are distributed evenly throughout the greenhouse via the outlet nozzles. Once the desired CO2 concentration in the greenhouse air is reached, excess exhaust gases are released into the open air. During this process, the ventilation flaps remain closed. This means: no heating with “open window” and consistently low energy consumption.

Stable despite humid climate

The greenhouse heater is made of stainless steel. And so insensitive to thermal instability, resistant to moisture, splashing water and rust. Due to a special coating, it has dirt and dust repellent properties. At the same time, the heating system is flexible and energy-saving. The reflectors can be adapted to different types and heights of greenhouses. Due to their light weight, they are easy to install. The higher the greenhouse and the greater the air exchange rates, the more energy can be saved with infrared systems compared to conventional greenhouse heating systems. Greenhouse compartments can be controlled independently.