"Don't be afraid of the Heating Act! Heating halls economically and in compliance with the GEG" 25.06.2024

Die Entscheidung für das Heizungsgesetz (Gebäudeenergiegesetz – GEG) ist gefallen, aber die Fragen bleiben. Doch es gibt keinen Grund zur Sorge: In unserem neuesten Online Seminar bringen unsere Hallenheizungsexperten, Kai-Uwe Grütter und Dr. Jens Findeisen, Licht ins Dunkel und klären Sie auf, was Sie jetzt beim Heizen von Gewerbe- und Industriehallen wissen müssen.

The decision on the Heating Act (Building Energy Act - GEG) has been made, but the questions remain. But there is no cause for concern:

In our latest online seminar, our hall heating experts, Kai-Uwe Grütter and Dr. Jens Findeisen, shed some light on what you need to know when heating commercial and industrial halls.

Due to the high number of participants at the last seminar, we have decided to hold another date. Register quickly, the number of participants is limited.


25.06.2024 | 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. | Microsoft Teams

"Don't be afraid of the Heating Act! Heating industrial halls in compliance with the GEG"


"A really great veevent! Varied and entertaining thanks to the 2-man moderation, beautiful slides, competent presentation and competent moderation."

"An all-round successful event, keep up the good work!"

"Very successful event. Thank you very much!"

"It was excellently prepared and the way in which the two gentlemen conveyed the material was very entertaining. Thank you for that."

Event 25/06/2024
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