Heat 4.0

March 15, 2021
Industrial hall with networked sensor technology and employees.

Heat 4.0: Networked efficiency

The energy issue has rarely been more explosive. Laws, standards and regulations pose challenges for almost all companies. Solutions are being sought with the aim of tapping into savings potential. And the answer to the question: How can the measures remain affordable?

There is something that will make you look at energy-saving hall heating with new eyes

We at KÜBLER, as experts in energy-saving large room heating, have also thought about this. And perhaps developed one of the best answers. It is called WÄRME 4.0, a name that stands for our holistic view of heat supply in hall buildings. A program that uses the possibilities of the digital age right from the product development stage. It creates networks and digitalizes heating processes. You could also put it like this: WÄRME 4.0 is a new milestone. On the path that we are taking with you into the future of heating technology. Economical, affordable and available. Take a closer look.

It has the power to develop individual heating concepts and implement them economically

HEAT 4.0 can connect heating systems with production processes. Interlink energy flows in halls and offices. Integrate intelligent services. In short: utilize synergy effects.

In your Hall buildings and production processes can harbor a great deal of potential for savings. The important thing is to use them. However, it is also important that WÄRME 4.0 has the power to develop heating concepts tailored to your individual needs. From the smallest 20 kW projects to output ranges of several megawatts. From individual hall areas to complex sites. Across buildings and locations. Why is implementation worthwhile for you in any case? Because WÄRME 4.0 is affordable. And extremely economic.

It makes heating systems transparent and entire system processes more efficient

Effective energy management requires information. It's good if you can network it and interpret the growing flood of data. Simple and intuitive.

Digitalization is changing the heat supply in Industrial companies and trade. Wherever people want to communicate with heating systems and processes, data is generated. About energy flows, operating hours, consumption and much more. Ever faster, ever more complex. With our systems, it has never been so easy to record, analyze and harness these data streams. To identify potential savings at an early stage. And Energy efficiency measures in the company. At any time. Everywhere. This too is HEAT 4.0.

Heat 4.0 is the way to network efficiency potential and digitalize heating processes

Would you like to see? Implementation is worthwhile, as Heat 4.0 is economical and extremely interesting. We are happy to help and advise you with the implementation.



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