KÜBLER hall heating systems

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Energy-saving hall heating systems - regardless of the hall and use
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Ceiling heating - for simply any hall

Whether a commercial hall, warehouse, sports hall or greenhouse - every hall has its own requirements. But they all have one thing in common: they should be warm. And that reliably, conveniently and cost-effectively. We support you with individual and tailor-made heating concepts - regardless of whether you produce, store, exhibit or play sports in your hall.
Industriehalle mit Lagerbestand und Maschinen.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Infrared meets ceiling heating - discover the benefits

The economical and environmentally friendly heating of halls is a Special challenge. On the one hand, because a large proportion of the heat can be lost under the high, extensive roof surfaces. On the other hand, there are special requirements - depending on the type of use of the hall. Whereas in production facilities and sports halls, short heating-up times and a particularly pleasant and comfortable climate are the main requirements. Uniform room climate In warehouses, for example, the protection of temperature-sensitive goods is also important.

High-performance technologies and heating systems for halls that meet these requirements first-class come from KÜBLER. Since 1989. In more than 30 years, we have developed unique expertise in halls and heating systems. We build on a special heating principle. Here the most important advantages:

Sports hall heating systems from KÜBLER: The advantages at a glance

  • Up to 70 % less energy consumption and CO2-emissions (compared to conventional systems)
  • Short heat-up times
  • Pleasant, productive indoor climate
  • Draught-free and without dust turbulence
  • Low-noise heating operation
  • Space-saving ceiling heating
  • Robust, durable industrial technology for sustainable, trouble-free operation
  • Multiple awards
  • High operational reliability
  • Zone and workplace heating optional
  • Expandable as required
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Thermal comfort and ceiling heating - superior on principle

The principle of our highly effective ceiling heaters is based on infrared heat. Similar to the sun or tiled stoves, heat is only generated when the infrared rays hit bodies or objects. This happens without heating the air - especially Uniform and draught-free. While conventional heating systems for halls produce warm air and consequently unused heat pockets under the hall roof, infrared hall heating systems have an almost without heat loss. The result is a very targeted and homogeneous heat distribution Directly in the area of use of your hall. This benefits everyone: your employees, sports enthusiasts, visitors and you.
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Ceiling heating from KÜBLER - gain real flexibility

KÜBLER hall heating systems are individual quality products. Designed to offer you maximum flexibility. Like this, for example: Thanks to short heat-up times the desired heat output is achieved within a few minutes. Or like this: the zoning option allows you to adjust the Heating of individual areas in the hall. This means that only the zones that are actually being used are heated. Flexibility is efficient and saves energy.

And flexibility creates freedom. All our heating systems for halls are modular design. They can be retrofitted as required, simply installed elsewhere or extended - for example to create intelligent hybrid systems expand.

Individual zone heating, space-saving installation, decentralized operation and modular design - the more efficient ceiling heating is also available for the More flexible use. Every detail is geared to the usage profile of your hall. Get in touch and discover the advantages of the Customized solution for your type of hall.
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KÜBLER hall heating systems
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Every hall is different. With more than 30 years of company history, there is hardly a requirement that is foreign to us. Together with our customers, we have implemented the right solutions. If you are ready to implement economically proven heating concepts for your hall, then you have come to the right place.
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