KÜBLER hall heating systems

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KÜBLER hall heating systems

KÜBLER systems have always been part of the future

One thing is certain: KÜBLER hall heating systems are always a good recommendation. After all, you can expect not only highly innovative and particularly efficient technologies from us. But also exceptional expertise.
Moderne Industriehalle mit Stahlrohren.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Let us give you a few concrete advantages:

  • Up to 70 % Energy cost and CO2-reduction.
  • Multiple award-winning efficiency technologies.
  • Fast amortization.
  • Pleasant draught- and dust-free heating
  • Flexible zoning.
  • Residual heat utilization for optimum use of resources.
  • Highly intelligent system control and BMS connection.
  • Anwendungsbeispiel von KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssystemen im Produktionsbereich
  • Produktionshalle mit OPTIMA plus Dunkelstrahlern von KÜBLER
  • Flugzeugwerkstatt beheizt von OPTIMA plus Infrarotstrahlern von KÜBLER Hallenheizungen
Rotes Paragraphenzeichen, das für das Gebäudeenergiegesetz GEG steht

How our solutions meet the requirements of the GEG

The requirements of the GEG (Building Energy Act) - a seemingly impenetrable chaos of specifications for hall planning. But only seemingly. Download our plain language guide to the heating requirements and find out what you need to bear in mind for your next project. Simple and to the point.
Thomas Kübler, Geschäftsführer von KÜBLER GmbH Energiesparende Hallenheizungen

We support you - in every phase of your project

KÜBLER supplies highly efficient heating systems. But also valuable expert knowledge. And you can use it for yourself. In all service phases. From the inventory to the implementation planning.

  • Personal advice from our specialist staff.
  • Support with all designs and calculations.
  • Creation of CAD plans and tender texts.
  • Access to planning services from KÜBLER.
  • Heat requirement and energy consumption calculation according to DIN
  • and much more.
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Keep yourself up to date

Stay up to date with regular updates from the innovation leader! We will be happy to send you the latest information on technical highlights, innovations and the latest developments in the market and legislation.
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Energieeffizienz-Diagramm für Hallenbau nach DIN V 18599
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Savings analysis & cost transparency.
This allows you to support your customers

Your clients need crystal-clear decision parameters for the new heating system. What exactly are the savings? How much will the heating system cost during operation? What about the ecological footprint? And how does it compare to other systems? We can determine all of this for you. Based on DIN V 18599 (figawa tool), we prepare the cost-benefit analysis and support you with all the relevant data and facts. So that you can provide your customers with reliable key figures and invest wisely in the future. Let's talk about your project.
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KÜBLER hall heating systems
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Every hall is different. With more than 30 years of company history, there is hardly a requirement that is foreign to us. Together with our customers, we have implemented the right solutions. If you are ready to implement economically proven heating concepts for your hall, then you have come to the right place.
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