KÜBLER hall heating systems


Discover our customized hall heating solutions that not only ensure a pleasant training experience, but also focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Highly efficient sports hall heating

Short heat-up times, even heat and low energy costs - this is the ideal sports hall heating system. For tennis halls, bowling centers, field hockey or golf clubs. And of course for all other sports halls or stadiums. With a KÜBLER sports hall heating system, you can rely on maximum efficiency, reliability and sustainability.
Turnhalle mit Fußballtor mit OPTIMA plus Hallenheizung von KÜBLER
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Sports hall heating systems from KÜBLER: The advantages at a glance

  • Short heat-up times
  • Pleasant room climate
  • Dust and draught-free heating
  • Flexible for zone and individual heating
  • High operational reliability
  • Optionally with certified ball protection grid
  • Space-saving without additional boiler room
  • Expandable as required
  • Kartbahn mit grüner Ausstattung und grünen OPTIMA plus Geräten
  • Trampolinhalle mit OPTIMA plus Infrarotstrahlern von KÜBLER
  • Reithalle
  • Turnhalle mit Fußballtor mit OPTIMA plus Hallenheizung von KÜBLER
  • Menschen spielen Tennis in Halle.
  • Sporthalle mit OPTIMA plus Infrarotstrahlern von KÜBLER
  • Innenansicht einer Trampolinhalle mit Besuchern.
  • Turner beim Salto vor Publikum.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

What counts for all sports hall heating systems: Energy and efficiency

You know the problem? It often takes a long time for a cool sports hall to heat up in the winter months. And then it quickly becomes too warm. Modern Hall heating technologies from KÜBLER heat in an energy and environmentally friendly way with Infrared. And are among the most effective solutions for heating sports halls. Space-saving, reliable and, above all, economical.

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Innere Ansicht einer Tennishalle mit natürlichem Licht.

Energy-saving sports heaters: Top performance for halls and stadiums

Short heat-up times, zone heating, warm hall floors and a pleasant draught-free indoor climate, similar to the The sun's heating principle - KÜBLER infrared heating systems are the ideal solution for sports halls, tennis halls and multi-purpose halls that are only used at peak times. Specializing in the development and continuous optimization of infrared systems, KÜBLER offers a versatile range of Hall heating systems. Optimized for high efficiency and effectiveness, KÜBLER energy-saving systems stand for low operating costs, durability and reliable operation.
Menschen spielen Tennis in Halle.

Heat & save on indoor tennis courts

No matter how many courts your hall has, it makes economic and ecological sense to only heat the courts that are currently being played. Heating an entire tennis hall can therefore be unnecessarily expensive.

Thanks to the highly efficient infrared technology of modern hall heating technologies from KÜBLER, you can Targeted, energy-saving and environmentally friendly heat. How do you do it? You define your seats as individual heating zones and control them as required.

This makes indoor heating systems from KÜBLER one of the most effective solutions for heating sports halls. With further advantages such as Short heat-up times, Warm hall floors and a Pleasant draught-free indoor climate - similar to the heat principle of the sun.

Sports halls, tennis halls and multi-purpose halls, which are only used at peak times, can thus be heated as required. This is Effective, reliable and above all economical.
Turnhalle mit Fußballtor mit OPTIMA plus Hallenheizung von KÜBLER

Sports hall heating mounted under the ceiling to protect against balls and save space

Another advantage of a sports hall heating system from KÜBLER: Our infrared heaters are Ball-proof under the ceiling mounted. This means that they do not take up any space in the hall that could be better used for sports activities or as storage space for sports equipment. As a decentralized system, the sports hall heating system also does not require a separate boiler room. The Saves space and avoids transportation losses.
FUTURA-Hallenheizung in Halle eingebaut mit eingeschaltetem Licht

Extra energy for changing rooms and showers: smart extensions for your sports hall heating system

Gain extra energy from residual heat and use it to heat the changing rooms or for hot shower water - almost free of charge. The system H.Y.B.R.I.D. from KÜBLER makes it possible. Thanks to the innovative residual heat utilization Recover up to 15 % of energy from the waste heat of infrared heaters. In the system extension HELIO.B.R.I.D. solar thermal modules are also integrated. This allows the hot water supply to be covered by renewable energy almost all year round, depending on the weather.

Hybrid systems from KÜBLER are constantly being optimized and further developed. Through the modular structure our sports hall heating we can offer you a Customized solution for the individual requirements of your sports hall.
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Ein Mann geht alleine durch eine große Industriehalle mit Dunkelstrahlern

Sports hall heating from KÜBLER - a good & sustainable investment

A sports hall heating system from KÜBLER works so efficiently and economically that you can expect energy and cost savings of up to 70 %.

Thanks to the low life cycle costs, you benefit from a rapid return on investment - your heating system will pay for itself in just a few years. Because Environmental compatibility and efficiency have been at the heart of our work for over 30 years. Awards such as the German Sustainability Award for Germany's most sustainable product confirm this.

In line with our demand for premium quality and durability, almost all of the sports hall heating systems that we installed 25 years ago are still in operation today. As Reliable partner we support you throughout the entire life cycle of your heating system with comprehensive services. Get in touch with us and we will find the Ideal solution for the heating of your sports hall. Make an appointment - simply and without obligation. We look forward to your inquiry!
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KÜBLER hall heating systems
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