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Rent hall heating. Reduce CO₂. Optimize operating results.

Rent hall heating. Reduce CO₂.
Optimize operating result.
Outdated heating systems are used in many industrial and commercial buildings, as there is often no budget for modernization or there are fears of interruptions in production.
However, modernizing the heating system would not only save energy and improve the ESG rating, but also save costs in the long term. One solution for companies is to rent modern heating systems instead of buying them.
One advantage of leased heating systems is that companies have no investment costs. In addition, the new heating systems can consume up to 70 % less energy - electricity, H2 or (biogenic) gases - than the old heating systems. This leads to a drastic reduction in the cost of heating energy, which in turn often leads to a cash flow plus, even though a rental fee has to be paid. This is also important: the new heating system runs off-balance, i.e. there is no depreciation expense.
Another advantage of renting heating systems is that most energy-efficient refurbishments can be carried out during ongoing operations without interrupting production. This means that companies do not have to stop operating their halls in order to modernize their heating systems.
As a developer and manufacturer of these technologies and services, KÜBLER offers innovative and efficient heating solutions that are specially designed for use in halls. All heating systems are "Made in Germany" and can be rented by companies and local authorities.
Overall, renting heating systems is a sensible way for companies to modernize their heating systems and save costs in the long term without having to invest and depreciate themselves.
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