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Architects take note! Sustainable buildings require efficient heating technology.

Architects take note! The right heating technology is crucial when planning sustainable non-residential buildings.
Infrared heating systems have long been the technology of choice when it comes to hall buildings. Their many advantages include not only their aesthetics, high energy efficiency and thermal comfort, they are simply tailor-made for special use in buildings with areas of often several 1,000 m² and ceiling heights of up to 30 m.
Here they offer unique functionality and usability.
The latest development from KÜBLER, the FUTURA multi-energy IR heating system, is made for the energy revolution. The innovative heating system uses both renewable and conventional energy sources in compliance with GEG and also integrates LED hall lighting in a sustainable 2-in-1 system. FUTURA has already won 6 awards as a pioneering innovation for the energy transition.
The energy efficiency of the new generation of hall heating systems is at least on a par with heat pumps, but with simpler (and more cost-effective) integration into the building. In addition, the flexibility of hall use is maintained, as the heaters are installed under the hall ceiling to save space without affecting the processes on the floor. The intelligent overall design makes these solutions extremely user-friendly and significantly reduces the burden on budgets for new buildings.
Awarded the prestigious FOCUS OPEN 2023 design prize, the new multi-energy IR heaters from KÜBLER are also one of the central design elements in halls. Variably available in any RAL color, they also enable optimal integration into the building in terms of color.
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