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September 1, 2019

Energy savings of up to 70 % - with these values, KÜBLER heating systems are perhaps one of the most effective levers for reducing primary energy consumption, CO2 emissions and costs in the hall sector. Depending on the project, this can amount to annual savings of €300,000 and more. A sum that can be used for design. Because it offers financial freedom. For architectural innovations. For further beneficial measures on the building structure. The innovation leader presented its latest developments at ISH 2019 in Frankfurt.

The infrared heating technologies from KÜBLER are among the most innovative and efficient solutions when it comes to heating high rooms in a modern and economical way. The high energy efficiency of KÜBLER infrared heating systems ensures that the use of renewable energies - and thus hydraulic systems, which are highly inefficient and especially uneconomical in this building sector (investment factor 1.8 - 4.0) - can be dispensed with in the new hall construction sector in accordance with EnEV / EEWärmeG or GEG.

In addition to their almost unbeatable energy efficiency, these decentralized systems offer further advantages for your planning and the hall user. For example these: In terms of design, the systems can be easily integrated into the building structure and adapted to changing usage and working conditions at any time. There is no need for separate boiler rooms. In addition to the energy efficiency benefits, the very fast heating and cooling phases offer a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. The systems are extremely comfortable for the user in terms of heat sensation without dust and draughts.

Now efficiency is networked - the digital hall heating system

How do you meet the challenges of building and renovating industrial, sports and event halls? One of the most economical and pragmatic answers was a highlight of the ISH: the WÄRME 4.0 digital hall heating system. Winner of the 2018 Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award, WÄRME 4.0 stands for a new, comprehensive view of heat supply in hall buildings. Specifically, it stands for a smart digitalization and networking strategy. With WÄRME 4.0, KÜBLER combines its efficiency technologies with energy-saving cooling. Integrates production processes. Integrates energy flows in halls and offices. Integrates intelligent heat management software. And thus makes completely new synergy effects and savings potential available.

Use our experience for your project

As an expert in the construction and refurbishment of hall buildings, KÜBLER offers more than just excellent heating technologies. We support you throughout the entire project with our know-how, our experience and valuable information.

The KÜBLER Group

KÜBLER GmbH is an internationally active group of companies. Our core business is the development and production of highly efficient premium technologies for energy-saving hall heating. With an exceptionally wide range of products for almost all types of halls and room environments. KÜBLER is regarded as a pioneer and innovation leader in modern infrared heating technology. Our products and development achievements regularly win awards. Our national and international awards include the Federal Prize for Outstanding Innovative Achievements from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Bavarian State Prize and the German Sustainability Award. KÜBLER received the highest German award for sustainable entrepreneurship in the category "Germany's most sustainable product" for the special energy efficiency of the H.Y.B.R.I.D. system. In 2018, KÜBLER was honored for the third time with the Innovation Award of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Awarded for the innovative WÄRME 4.0 strategy - the digital hall heating system. Founded in 1989, the group of companies employs over 120 people and is one of the leading companies in the industry in Europe with locations in Ludwigshafen, Dresden, Hagen, Hamburg, Prague (Czech Republic), Fegyvernek (Hungary), numerous foreign agencies and a nationwide service network.

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KÜBLER hall heating systems

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