Heating halls economically in the energy transition

March 24, 2023
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ISH23 - World's first multi-energy infrared heating system from KÜBLER is very popular at the leading trade fair in Frankfurt am Main


Ludwigshafen, March 2023: How can the heating challenges of hall buildings be mastered in the energy transition? The answer to this question inspired many trade fair visitors and gave hope for a pragmatic, technologically sensible and at the same time very economical solution to the 65%-EE question. In Hall 12.1 B19, the innovation leader for highly efficient infrared heaters presented three groundbreaking world firsts: FUTURA, FUTURA cool and MAXIMA E-Hybrid. 


"We saw many shining eyes when we presented our multi-energy system," says Thomas Kübler, founder and Managing Director of hall heating specialist KÜBLER. The high level of heating and operating convenience of the efficiency solutions, coupled with the openness to renewable energies, the possibility of covering the hall lighting in one device and this under extremely interesting economic conditions, made many interested parties sit up and take notice. An enthusiastic visitor:
"Finally, a solution that is based on reality and still boosts the energy transition."
At the leading international trade fair for the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology sector, KÜBLER will be presenting three world firsts to trade visitors:

FUTURA - the multi-energy infrared heater


The FUTURA multi-energy infrared heating system has its name for a reason. The pioneering heating system can be operated with different energy sources, as the new generation of heating systems can use H2 and electricity as well as all types of gas (natural gas, (bio)LPG and biogas). And the mix is variable. Where the renewable alternatives are not yet sufficiently available or not yet economical, the established energy sources provide security of supply as a bridge technology to a carbon-free future. The "greener" the energy supply infrastructure becomes, i.e. the more green electricity or green hydrogen or both are available and affordable, the more their share in heating is increased and the proportion of gas is reduced accordingly. Thanks to this flexibility, KÜBLER's world first already marks an investment-safe path to decarbonization with the advantage of always providing heat in the most economical form.

"Nobody knows today how the energy market will develop. With FUTURA, it doesn't matter. Because regardless of whether green hydrogen or electricity determines the future, this heating system can do both and also (bio)gas to bridge the gap."


Green heating is highly economical for industry, commerce and local authorities. With up to 70 percent less consumption, both sides benefit: the companies and the environment. Seven patents, including two new applications, are behind this world first from KÜBLER. A prime example of engineering development and research work "Made in Germany".
Even before its market launch at the ISH, the world first was recognized as "Innovative Technology for Climate Protection" at SUCCESS 2022 of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and nominated for the German Innovation Award.


FUTURA was not only recognized for its energy openness and efficiency. For the first time, the heating and lighting functions of hall buildings are combined in a single system.

"After all, nothing is closer to the ceiling than the light",


says Kübler. Energy-saving LED modules on both end caps provide high-quality light and fatigue-free working conditions with a basic illumination of 500 lux. Versions with one or two lights per end module are available. This ensures that different room heights are ideally illuminated. Gaps in lighting - for example in unheated hall zones - can also be closed with separate lamp elements. There is also a version without luminaires, especially for energy-efficient refurbishment. However, the combination of heating and lighting offers great economic advantages, especially in new hall buildings, regardless of their use. This is because the 2-in-1 world first reduces the work and costs involved in planning and cabling, for example, by half.

FUTURA cool - Heating, cooling and lighting halls


FUTURA cool combines three functions at once. This innovation from KÜBLER provides cooling in summer and probably the most efficient heat output from green or established energy sources in winter. Both are combined with modern LED lighting. This is the result of smart development work by the KÜBLER R&D team, intelligent control technology and a modern generation of heat pumps. With an impressive SEER value. So that industry and commerce can make their contribution to the energy transition - affordable, economically viable and sustainable.

"The fact that different energy sources can be used in a mix or alone in one appliance makes the new multi-energy heaters extremely user-friendly and flexible."

MAXIMA E-Hybrid - high-efficiency IR technology plus electricity


KÜBLER is also paving the way to decarbonization with the MAXIMA high-efficiency line. In addition to excellent efficiency values, MAXIMA is now also available as a smart further development under the name MAXIMA E-Hybrid. The new E-Hybrid variant can also use electrical power from green PV or grid electricity as an energy source. It is also H2-ready, of course. The powerful high-efficiency line is known for its wide range of models and its particularly economical and environmentally friendly heating operation. It can be operated with methane, liquid gas or biogas during the transition period. This will be of interest to operators of existing systems: The E-Hybrid variant can also be retrofitted easily and cost-effectively with a smart retrofit kit.


Nobody knows how the energy market will develop. With FUTURA, FUTURA cool and MAXIMA-E-Hybrid, it doesn't matter. Regardless of whether green hydrogen or electricity determines the future, these heaters can do both - plus (bio)gas. These world firsts are GEG-compliant and energy-neutral. No matter which medium is available in the future and at what price.


With 153,734 visitors from 154 countries and 2,025 exhibitors from 54 countries (562 from Germany, 1,463 from abroad), ISH was not quite as well attended as in 2019 (when around 190,000 visitors and 2,532 exhibitors from 57 countries met in Frankfurt) after a four-year break due to the pandemic. After Germany, the most important visitor countries included the Netherlands, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, China, the UK, Poland, Austria and Turkey. The high level of satisfaction shows that their trip was worthwhile. According to a survey conducted by Messe Frankfurt, 94 percent felt that they had achieved their trade fair objectives and 96 percent were satisfied with the range of exhibits. 52 percent of visitors expect the economic situation in the sector to improve.


1) And the team behind the world's new multi-energy infrared heaters also draws a positive balance. Thomas Kübler:

"We are delighted that we can make a contribution to the energy transition with our innovations and offer our customers solutions that enable them to master the heating requirements of their large buildings in an investment-safe, functional and affordable way."

We look forward to your publication. You can download the press release + pictures under the following link:


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