PLUS X Award for FUTURA multi-energy IR hall heating system

February 2, 2024
LED-Beleuchtung und Lichteffekte im Dunkeln

Already the 5th award for innovative technology for the GEG-compliant heat supply of hall buildings  

Ludwigshafen, February 2024: FUTURA also impresses the renowned jury of the PLUS X Award! The "masterpiece of heating technology" received the highest recognition from the expert judges in five out of seven categories: Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality. This award underlines the groundbreaking innovation, outstanding quality, aesthetic elegance, intuitive operation and versatile functionality that make the FUTURA a pioneer in the industry. With the FUTURA, KÜBLER has ushered in a new era of hall heating - one that sets standards and plays a key role in shaping the future of heating technology." - said the jury laudation for the PLUS X AWARD.

The reasons for the award state: "The FUTURA hall heating system from KÜBLER was recognized in the categories of innovation, high quality, design, ease of use and functionality. This recognition reflects the impressive overall package that the FUTURA hall heating system offers. In terms of innovation, the FUTURA heating system has set new standards by integrating innovative technologies and advanced heating methods. The use of state-of-the-art heating technology enables efficient and energy-conscious heating of halls, which not only protects the environment but also achieves considerable cost savings for users.

The flexibility of being able to switch back and forth between energy sources with the energy-flexible hall heating system effectively absorbs the volatility of renewable energy sources. The user also has the great advantage that he can not only use his PV electricity, but can also buy the cheapest energy on the future liberalized energy markets (smart metering) depending on availability. The user can meet any future municipal heating planning requirements with the energy-flexible heating system. The multi-energy capability gives the user investment security - far beyond the transformation phase.

The high quality of the FUTURA hall heating underlines KÜBLER's excellent craftsmanship and commitment to first-class products. Robust materials and careful workmanship ensure the long-term reliability and performance of the heating system, even under demanding conditions. The design of the FUTURA hall heater is a successful combination of aesthetics and functionality. The modern, appealing design blends seamlessly into different environments and gives them a contemporary touch. At the same time, however, no compromises have been made in terms of functionality, and operation of the heating system is simple and user-friendly. The ease of use of the FUTURA hall heater has been particularly emphasized, as it offers intuitive controls and innovative technologies for effortless adaptation to individual heating needs. The user-friendliness not only contributes to comfortable use, but also enables efficient control and adjustment of the heating output.

In the functionality category, the FUTURA hall heating system proved its versatility and adaptability. Whether in large industrial halls or smaller commercial units, the heating system reliably fulfills its task and ensures a pleasant indoor climate."

The innovative 2-in-1 system for highly efficient and CO2KÜBLER's climate-free heating and lighting system for hall buildings has now won its fifth award. Following the special prize "Innovative Technologies for Climate Protection" in the ISB's SUCCESS technology competition, the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Prize (which KÜBLER has won for the fourth time), the German Innovation Award in the category "Winner Excellence in Business to Business Energy Solutions" and the FOCUS Special Mention in the FOCUS OPEN design prize, FUTURA has once again impressed the juries of a prestigious business award with the PLUS X Award.

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