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All-rounder from 4 to 35 meters hall height
Blue hairdryer from Kübler, model Optima Plus

The evolution of energy-efficient hall heating systems

The evolution of energy-efficient hall heating began with the Optima infrared heating range. Since then, we have continued to innovate our successful range.
The latest generation is called OPTIMA plus. Because it has more to offer than ever before. What has remained is its high performance. And its talent as an efficient all-rounder. The OPTIMA plus hall heating series can be used just as effectively at a height of 3.90 m as it can at a hall height of 35 m.

The burner technology

A special fire burns in the OPTIMA plus dark radiator. The burner technology specially developed for this high-end heater ensures absolutely homogeneous preparation of the gas-air mixture.

The results: Excellent energy transfer from flame to radiant tube, long flame, even transfer of infrared heat to the room environment

The impact on energy efficiency, Heat output and comfort are crucial. A clear plus in your heating strategy.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Optima plus and its advantages

The plus in efficiency
72 % usable energy*

The measure of today's requirements for maximum energy efficiency is called radiation efficiency. OPTIMA plus has up to 72 percent to offer you. A decisive step, because every percentage point counts when it comes to protecting the environment. And for your operating result.
* Radiation efficiency measured according to DIN EN 416-2 by DVGW research center at the Engler-Bunte Institute of the University of Karlsruhe (TH), file number 08/290/3311/957
Economic efficiency
ROI 2 to 5 years

The investment in OPTIMA plus pays for itself in a short time: the system pays for itself in around 2 to 5 years. The effect on the operating result is even more immediate: your company's liquidity increases by the energy cost savings in the very first year. Finally, it is good that the investment in modern hall heating technology pays for itself in the long term.
The environmental contribution
70 % less CO2-emissions

Depending on the hall project, up to 70 % of energy can be saved compared to conventional technologies. In concrete terms, this means up to 70 % less energy costs and CO2-emissions. What's more, the homogeneous flame pattern ensures even fewer hotspots and thus minimizes the formation of nitrogen oxides. The NOx value is significantly reduced.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Thinking design

It is design that gives the OPTIMA plus dark spotlight its special look. The outer form is not an end in itself. It follows consistent functional principles. The outer shell of OPTIMA plus is designed as a closed, fully insulated system.

It completely encloses the burner and radiant tube and ensures that as little valuable heat as possible can escape upwards.
Warehouse with high racks and conveyor system.
KÜBLER hall heating

Your desired color is possible

The OPTIMA plus hall heating series is available in any RAL color. In the basic color RAL 5015 at no extra charge.
Red and white circle logo.

RAL 3020

Base color
Graphic in orange and beige, pie chart.

RAL 1003

Transparent background with white gradient.

RAL 1013

Black and white pie chart icon.

RAL 9010

Blue charging circle on a white background.

RAL 5015

Blue logo of a technology company

RAL 5005

Green logo with abstract design.

RAL 6026

Gray loading symbol on a white background.

RAL 9017

Warehouse with pallets and lifting platform
KÜBLER hall heating systems

ErP - Seasonal energy efficiency

Seasonal energy efficiency or ErP (Energy-related Products) is a key figure from the Ecodesign Directive for the energy efficiency of consumption-relevant products. This also includes devices for hall heating, such as infrared radiant heaters. Similar to motor vehicles, however, the energy consumption of hall heating systems is decisively determined by the driving style. And the overall system, i.e. the system configuration, the control system and the adaptation to the hall profile, play a decisive role here. Therefore, take the ErP value as one of the many building blocks in the complex overall assessment of the energy efficiency of your hall heating system.
Optima Plus
Customer testimonials
  • "Although we are now heating more hall space, liquid gas consumption has shrunk from 800 tons to around 530 tons per year."
    Josef Gruseck | Herrenknecht AG
  • "This heater is unbeatable."
    Ted Long, Head Professional | Mannheim-Viernheim Golf Club
  • "The use of residual heat completely covers the heating requirements of the 1,200 m2 of office space."
    Benjamin Reiners | Reiners + Fürst GmbH & Co. KG, Mönchengladbach
KÜBLER hall heating systems

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