Currently the most efficient ideas from KÜBLER.

There are hall heaters and hall heaters from KÜBLER. What makes them different? Perhaps this: Our unbroken pursuit of ever new ways to save energy for almost 30 years. It is reflected in outstanding innovations. Most clearly, however, in our heating systems. The networking of different efficiency technologies maximizes your savings. That’s what makes our solutions so special.

Halle mit blauem OPTIMA plus Infrarotstrahler von KÜBLER mit Sammelabgasführung

Heat System H.Y.B.R.I.D.

The H.Y.B.R.I.D. system uses the residual heat from hall heating systems and thus combines infrared heating technology with hot water generation. Unique and with a clear efficiency plus.

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Peripherie des O.P.U.S. Air Systems von KÜBLER Hallenheizungen

Residual heat system O.P.U.S. Air

Even without hot water consumers, you can use the residual heat of your heating systems efficiently from now on - with the O.P.U.S. Air air-to-air heat exchanger. The right choice for low halls. With larger heat transfer surfaces than conventional tube-to-tube solutions.

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Hallendecke mit Infrarotheizung zur energieeffizienten Hallenbeheizung

Residual heat system O.P.U.S. X

Economic residual heat utilization with infrared heaters was hardly feasible until now. With O.P.U.S. X, we have achieved a breakthrough: The heat exchanger system for infrared heaters makes energy usable that was previously largely lost. And not only for new installations.

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Our awards

All our work is aimed at becoming more efficient, smarter, better. And this pursuit is recognized almost every year.