The use of residual heat for infrared heating: A quantum leap in space heating technology. Since the development of O.P.U.S. X, it has been possible to use the residual energy in the exhaust gases of infrared systems economically. For example, for the hot water-based heating of offices. Or with the air-to-air heat exchanger O.P.U.S. Air in halls without hot water consumption points.

O.P.U.S. X

O.P.U.S. X is the heat exchanger system for infrared heating. And a technological highlight. After all, the use of residual heat in infrared heating systems (radiant tube heater) has so far only been economically feasible in exceptional cases. With the development of O.P.U.S. X, the breakthrough has been achieved.


The KÜBLER heat exchanger system enables the economical use of energy that was previously largely lost
to the environment in the exhaust gas of hall heating systems. Up to 15% additional energy can be recovered in this way. Can be used, for example, for heating offices and social rooms. Or also for hot service water. Virtually free of charge.

By the way: O.P.U.S. X is economically interesting not only for new installations. KÜBLER’s residual heat can be integrated into existing infrared heating systems as required.

15 % durchsichtig und dreidimensional dargestellt, das für  KÜBLERS O.P.U.S. X Restwärmesystem Zusatzenergie steht


O.P.U.S. X extracts the energy contained in the exhaust gas from infrared heaters (radiant tube heater) and transfers it to a storage medium. Usually to water. This hot water is stored in a buffer tank. As a standard application, the energy is then fed into the heating circuit return of a pump hot water heating system via a controller as required. In this way, the recovered energy can be used to heat offices or social rooms. Or for the provision of service water. Other possible applications include (fresh) air preheating.

Graphic showing how the O.P.U.S.X heat exchanger is integrated into existing infrared heating systems according to demand.


Tabeller mit Daten über MAXIMA Dunkelstrahler von KÜBLER in verschiedenen Leistungsklassen