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Exhaust gas routing

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Tailor-made solutions: The perfect gas flue system for your infrared heating system

Infrared heaters from KÜBLER are Intelligent premium productswhich have been thought through and optimized down to the last detail - right down to the exhaust gas routing. Here, too, we offer various options that Ideal solution for your commercial, sports or industrial building. From individual to collective gas flue systems, we ensure that the exhaust gases from your infrared heating Economical, safe and reliable be led out of the rooms.
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Collective flue gas systems. One roof opening - convincing advantages.

With the KÜBLER collective gas flue system, the Exhaust gases from several appliances discharged together. This has several decisive advantages, for example this one: Instead of countless roof openings, just one is enough. This means for you:

  • Less costs,
  • Less effort,
  • Only one measuring point for the chimney sweep
  • and more Security.

The collective waste gas system also provides the basis for our highly efficient hybrid systems. Combined with condensing technology, the waste heat can be fed into the residual heat recovery system and converted into hot water in the H.Y.B.R.I.D. or Helio.B.R.I.D. system - at virtually zero cost.

All KÜBLER appliance types up to a total output of 800 kW can be connected to the collective exhaust system. Tested in accordance with DIN EN 777-1 and DIN EN 777-4. If you have any questions about the correct design, please contact our technical department in Ludwigshafen or Dresden.
Customer testimonials
  • "The collective flue gas system alone is a great advantage when only one roof opening is required at a ceiling height of 22 m - and for the chimney sweep too, by the way."
    Michael Puddle | Pfütze GmbH Lahr, sanitary and heating technology
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Single and double flue gas systems

Should you have a Conventional exhaust gas routing If you prefer a single or double flue gas system, for example due to the conditions in your hall, our infrared heaters can also be easily installed with a single or double flue gas system. With these flue gas ducts, one or two devices are connected with Own device fan connected together. The flue gas duct from the appliance to the wall or roof penetration is part of the system. The measuring point for the flue gas measurement is therefore located in the transition to the vertical part of the roof duct or immediately before or after the wall duct.
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What else you should know about flue gas routing

The responsible District master chimney sweep must be informed about the building project. You can always rest assured that you are on the safe side:

  • All parts of the flue gas system are planned and installed with the appliance as a system.
  • The flue gas system is certified in accordance with DIN EN 416, DIN EN 777-1, 777-2 and 777-4, G638/II, TRGI and VP118.
  • KÜBLER exhaust systems are also characterized by the high-quality choice of materials.

Rely on longevity, high durability and a high Safe long-term solution for your hall with KÜBLER.

Information for chimney sweeps
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Fresh air intake

If the infrared heater is operated in rooms with extremely polluted air, you can also equip your system with a Fresh air intake and benefit from the following advantages:

  • independent of room air
  • for Single and collective gas systems
  • optimal for polluted atmospheres due to chemical products etc.

Rely on longevity, high durability and a high Safe long-term solution for your hall with KÜBLER.

Außenansicht einer großen von innen beleuchteten Halle. Das kalte blaue Licht, lässt ansprechende Design der roten MAXIMA Dunkelstrahler hervorstechen.

Heat pumps

This technology is often the first choice for multi-storey buildings. Together with one of the leading manufacturers, KÜBLER has developed the solution to Integrate heat pumps into energy-saving infrared systems. This makes the heating of adjacent offices, for example, doubly efficient.

  • Unique Power range up to 2,500 kW
  • Also ideal for use renewable energies such as exhaust air, waste heat, process water, solar thermal energy
  • Open for Various heat sources
  • Active heating or cooling mode
  • Simple and flexible integration into the building management system
More about our heat pumps
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Tailor-made solutions for your hall: intelligent gas flue systems, infrared technology and other quality features included

KÜBLER hall heating systems are characterized by their innovative design. Because thanks to the Modular expansion and customization options our concepts can be adapted precisely to the requirements of your project. In addition to flexible flue gas routing, you can equip your heating system with digital hybrid systemsmore innovative Condensing boiler technology, many control modules and more individualized.

Every hall heating system is therefore an individual project for us, which we Planning and consulting via a Annual maintenance up to further smart Services over the entire system life cycle. With us you have a reliable partner at your side. We stand for Quality and Multi-award-winning sustainability. Rely on KÜBLER now and save energy!
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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