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KÜBLER energy-saving hall heating systems

Innovation infrared dark radiators - for maximum efficiency

Every hall is different. What they all have in common, however, are large room heights and their special heating requirements. This is exactly what infrared hall heaters from KÜBLER are made for. They generate heat exactly where it is needed:
Directly in the usage and working area of your halls. This is extremely efficient and saves a lot of energy, costs and CO2 emissions. Depending on the project, between 30 and 70 percent. Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness: these are two of the many strengths of KÜBLER infrared dark radiant heaters. Discover more.
KÜBLER hall heating systems - discover the variety

The right heating system for all hall projects

The requirements for indoor heating systems are as varied as the use of the buildings in which they are used. Production and manufacturing place different demands on heat than, for example, logistics, sports and tennis halls or event buildings. It is not without reason that KÜBLER offers a broad portfolio of high-performance, energy-saving hall heating systems - the broadest in Europe and probably even worldwide.

FUTURA - for the energy transition in your hall

The FUTURA multi-energy hall heating system is a WORLD FIRST. With pioneering functions. Future-proof operation with renewable energies. Reliable supply through the variable use of biogas or gas. Superiorly efficient infrared technology from KÜBLER. Economically attractive and smart as a 2-in-1 solution.

  • WORLD FIRST Multi-Energy Infrared Heater
  • Pioneering open renewable energies
  • Innovative with integrated hall lighting

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It's hot. It's cool. It's future. FUTURA COOL

An innovation with three functions. For completely new performance requirements for your indoor climate.

  • Provides cooling in summer
  • Provides probably the most efficient heat output from green or established energy sources in summer
  • Innovative with integrated hall lighting

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Futura cool

MAXIMA E-Hybrid - fit for the CO2-free future

Now the high-efficiency hall heating system can do even more: 10 kW of additional electrical power from green PV or grid electricity, naturally H2-ready and this is also available as an optional retrofit kit. For maximum efficiency and a future-proof path to CO2-free time.

  • 33 kW heat output when using methane, liquid gas*, biogas**
  • Additional 10.2 kW electrical heating output with automatic switchover when green PV power is available
  • Highefficieny - Made in Germany

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Maxima E-Hybrid
* 26 kW for liquid gas ** in natural gas quality

MAXIMA - superior energy efficiency

The high-efficiency hall heating exceeds even our own high standards. No wonder, because this dark radiator line from KÜBLER has been completely rethought. The result sets new standards in terms of resource conservation, efficiency, performance and comfort:

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Thermogeometrically optimized design
  • Innovative material combinations

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OPTIMA plus - the efficiency all-rounder

The OPTIMA infrared indoor heating system plus impresses with its high performance and range of applications. In 3.90 m as well as in 35 m high halls. This tried-and-tested classic offers a range of additional benefits for your modern and environmentally friendly large room heating:

  • The plus in efficiency and heating comfort
  • Innovative burner technology
  • Versatile range of applications

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Optima plus 

PRIMA - first-class price and performance

Never before has there been so much power for so little money. After all, despite the extremely low purchase and operating costs, this dark radiator line has the most modern and powerful burner technology currently available from KÜBLER. And it also has other useful advantages:

  • Powerful entry-level class
  • First-class price-performance ratio
  • Flexible application options

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KÜBLER heating systems

Expand your possibilities

Our dark radiators can be expanded with our sophisticated concepts to form a fully integrated overall system in which various efficiency strategies are cleverly combined:
This concept combines our CELESTRA heat management control system, residual heat utilization and our infrared hall heating system to achieve unsurpassed savings with concentrated performance. Awarded the German Sustainability Prize.
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This symbiosis combines the outstanding efficiency of infrared heating and residual heat utilization with the possibilities of solar energy.
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Digital hall heating
Our concept of digital infrared hall heating networks heat flows and technologies with the result that completely new synergy effects and potential savings can be uncovered and utilized.
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As a competent partner for reliable heating solutions, we also offer Modern heating controls and comprehensive services. Increase efficiency and sustainability now with dark radiators and more from KÜBLER hall heating systems!
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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