KÜBLER hall heating systems


Pure efficiency with 80 % efficiency
KÜBLER hall heating systems

MAXIMA. A passion for efficiency.

Slim, dynamic, powerful: the new infrared heating line follows its own form. And a performance claim that breaks with convention. To achieve this, we have scrutinized every component. Every detail rethought. The result maximizes our highest radiation efficiency to a fascinating 80 %. Never before has there been so much efficiency, so much intelligence, so much passion behind a KÜBLER hall heating system. MAXIMA. The new hall heating system from KÜBLER.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Innovation is MAXIMA.

Take the patented recovery of convection losses. The innovative burner design for extra low-pollution combustion. The completely redesigned and thermogeometrically optimized appliance architecture. Or the material connections specially developed for this appliance class: MAXIMA is innovation. Pure. In every detail. Right down to the recyclable transport packaging. One class Dark radiatorthat meets completely new performance requirements. Wherever pioneering appliance intelligence and maximum energy efficiency are top priorities.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Infrared heat has many advantages. These will surprise you.

  • Function-optimized for maximum economy and convenience.
  • Operation in hall buildings
  • Inexpensive investment costs, short amortization period
  • Comfortable heating principle like the sun - even at low room air temperatures Uniform heat distribution even in poorly insulated halls
  • No draughts - no swirling up of dust
  • Demand-based controllable heat output, flexible in terms of time and location
  • Installation even during operation
  • Flexible (re)use of hall and floor space
* In compliance with all strict German emission limits. Radiation factor according to DIN EN 416-2, measured according to method B under the supervision of the test institute DBI - Gastechnologisches Institut GmbH Freiberg, test report no. B10/12/1308 EU
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Leute unter rotem Hängeflugzeug auf Messe.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Winner! MAXIMA in the "Design Plus Powerd by ISH Award"

Sustainability, innovative design and energy-efficient technology - the MAXIMA infrared indoor heating system is one of the products that won the coveted award and the Design Plus powered by ISH seal of quality. The international design competition is one of the leading ones in Germany. A highly qualified jury of experts assesses the criteria of design quality, overall concept, innovative content, choice of materials and technical and ecological aspects of the products submitted. A total of 112 companies with 194 products from Germany and abroad competed for the coveted seal of quality.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Your desired color is possible

MAXIMA is painted in RAL 3020. As a basic color at no extra charge. And optionally in any other RAL color you desire. For example in these.
Rote Farbe RAL 3020 für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 3020

Base color
Gelbe Farbe RAL 1003 für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 1003

Beige Farbe für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 1013

Weisse Farbe für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 9010

Blaue Farbe RAL 5015 für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 5015

Blaue Farbe 5005 für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 5005

Grüne Farbe RAL 6026 für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 6026

Schwarze Farbe RAL 9017 für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plusrgrund.

RAL 9017

Innovations for the energy transition

ErP - Seasonal energy efficiency

Seasonal energy efficiency or ErP (Energy-related Products) is a key figure from the Ecodesign Directive for the energy efficiency of consumption-relevant products. This also includes devices for hall heating, such as infrared radiant heaters. Similar to motor vehicles, however, the energy consumption of hall heating systems is decisively determined by the driving style. And the overall system, i.e. the system configuration, the control system and the adaptation to the hall profile, play a decisive role here. Therefore, take the ErP value as one of the many building blocks in the complex overall assessment of the energy efficiency of your hall heating system.
Customer testimonials
  • "I didn't have to worry about the details. Everything went flawlessly."
    Dr. Peter Ruckh, Chief Technology Officer | Tennis Club Grün-Weiss Mannheim e. V.
  • "With the new heating system, we have made a forward-looking decision - for our club and for the environment."
    Dr. Peter Ruckh, Chief Technology Officer | Tennis Club Grün-Weiss Mannheim e. V.
  • "I would hardly have thought it possible for the collaboration with a non-local company to work so smoothly."
    Walter Rohrer | Ospelt Haustechnik AG
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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