KÜBLER hall heating systems


High performance. Little investment.
Technische Zeichnung Brennertechnologie von KÜBLER
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Dark radiators with cutting-edge technology

PRIMA has the most modern and powerful burner technology currently available from KÜBLER. Originally developed for the MAXIMA high-performance line, it stands for outstanding combustion properties and technical highlights such as the Hightec vortex generator or the intelligent burner diagnostics. Cutting-edge technology for energy-saving hall heating also means: PRIMA is compatible with H.Y.B.R.I.D. and can be integrated into KÜBLER's digital heating strategy WÄRME 4.0.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Extremely efficient

Around 60 % radiation efficiency - this makes PRIMA one of the most efficient standard infrared heaters on the market. If that's not enough, the new range of KÜBLER appliances achieves even more. Up to 70 % in the PRIMA plus version. The high energy efficiency has several advantages: you install fewer kW for the same heating output. Reduce energy consumption. Protect the environment. And save money. 10 %* of energy costs every year.
*Average savings compared to conventional standard lines.
Industrielle Infrarot-Heizungseinheit

The price. And many more advantages.

  • Powerful infrared heating technology
  • First-class price-performance ratio
  • Hightec burner
  • Simple design
  • Building Energy Act (GEG), energy management DIN EN ISO 50001, etc.
  • Simple installation and maintenance conditions
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Robust and durable
  • Versatile range of types
  • Flexible use
  • Quiet operation
  • Made in Germany
Innenansicht einer modernen Lagerhalle.

Very versatile

The infrared technologies made by KÜBLER consistently follow one principle: the principle of efficiency. That's why PRIMA is not just available once. It is available in six different versions. Tailored to your hall conditions, only the heating concept that suits your requirements is implemented.

PRIMA can be used universally. Room air-independent. Tailor-made for almost all hall buildings from a height of four meters. For new builds and refurbishments. Available in the two appliance variants PRIMA or PRIMA plus with extra insulation (can also be retrofitted). In four performance classes. In stainless steel design, ideal for heating wash bays, for example. For natural and liquid gas. Modular and expandable at any time.
Lagerhalle mit Blick nach oben, ausgestattet mit PRIMA Hallenheizung von KÜBLER

ErP - Seasonal energy efficiency

Seasonal energy efficiency or ErP (Energy-related Products) is a key figure from the Ecodesign Directive for the energy efficiency of consumption-relevant products. This also includes devices for hall heating, such as infrared radiant heaters. Similar to motor vehicles, however, the energy consumption of hall heating systems is decisively determined by the driving style. And the overall system, i.e. the system configuration, the control system and the adaptation to the hall profile, play a decisive role here. Therefore, take the ErP value as one of the many building blocks in the complex overall assessment of the energy efficiency of your hall heating system.
Great Great Plus Prima Linear Great Plus Linear
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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