KÜBLER hall heating systems


Condensing boiler technology - heat recovery without detours
KÜBLER hall heating systems

The air-to-air heat exchanger from KÜBLER

Condensing boiler technology increases the efficiency of heating systems. The demand for these solutions is increasing accordingly. But what can be done in halls without hot water consumers? Our R&D department has developed a new system for this: O.P.U.S. Air - the air-to-air heat exchanger from KÜBLER.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Residual heat for low halls

Developed for halls without hot water consumption points: O.P.U.S. Air. This heat exchanger generates warm air. Can be used to heat low hall areas, for example.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Extremely compact and very efficient

Technically, heat recovery with this condensing boiler technology from KÜBLER takes place using the counterflow method. Or with a plate heat exchanger using the cross-flow method. Depending on the performance class. The compact design provides significantly higher heat transfer surfaces than conventional tube-in-tube solutions. And therefore very high firing efficiencies. Depending on the system configuration, up to well over 100 %.
Infrarot-Heizungssystem Diagramm
Versatile - the range of services

O.P.U.S. Air in the functional diagram

O.P.U.S. Air is available in various connected loads up to 225 kW. For individual or collective appliances. For the most individual requirements. Even in smaller and lower halls. Whenever there is no need for hot water, but the efficiency plus residual heat is to be used.
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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