KÜBLER hall heating systems

Infrared meets heat pump

Integrate all energy sources sensibly
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Efficient and modern heating

In multi-storey buildings, heat pumps are often the first choice when the heat requirement needs to be covered economically and ecologically. KÜBLER integrates the advantages of this technology into your energy-saving infrared heating system. This makes the modern heating of adjacent offices, for example, doubly efficient.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Fully integrated and doubly efficient

The most efficient hall heating systems today are intelligent, fully integrated complete solutions. They use infrared. And the savings potential of various technologies. For the best values in terms of energy efficiency. And in multi-storey buildings? Heat pump technology is often the first choice there. KÜBLER has developed a solution for integrating heat pumps into energy-saving infrared technology. The result combines the efficiency benefits of both systems. And makes heat pump technology usable for your halls.
KÜBLERs Wärmepumpe SmartHeat in Messrungsaum

Over 25 years of innovation and more - the benefits

  • Leading technology "Made in Germany"
  • Unique power range up to 2,500 kW
  • Innovative and highly efficient inverter technology
  • Also ideal for using renewable energies such as exhaust air, waste heat, process water, solar thermal energy
  • Open for a variety of heat sources
  • Active heating or cooling mode
  • Wide range of equipment options
  • Simple and flexible integration into the building management system
Grafik über Temperaturmodulation von Wärmepumpen

Innovative: the inverter technology

Many heat pumps only cover one output level at a time. As early as 10 years ago, alternatives were developed that regulate the heating requirement without switching the system on and off again. As one of the pioneers of inverter technology, we now offer innovative and highly efficient solutions. They adapt the output to the actual heating or cooling requirement via infinitely variable speed regulation. This cannot be achieved with traditional heat pumps.

Inverter technology has many advantages. For example these:

  • More energy-efficient operation
  • Better JAZ, better COP
  • Longer service life
  • Almost unlimited application possibilities
  • Compact installation
  • More operating convenience, more safety
  • Appliances with label up to A++(+)
KÜBLER Dachdurchführung für Wärmesystem SmartHeat

Superior versatility - in heating or cooling mode

Maximum efficiency under all conditions - that is our requirement for active heating or cooling operation. The portfolio is therefore unique in its performance range up to 2,500 kW as well as in the variety of heat sources that can be used. These include regenerative energies such as exhaust air, waste heat, process heat, geothermal energy and solar thermal energy. The range of types is correspondingly diverse. Brine/water heat pumps, water/water heat pumps and air/water heat pumps. In small series, for special operating conditions, as large heat pumps or individually tailored to your specific requirements. High-quality and always project-specific solutions. With a wide range of operating modes. From monovalent to bivalent. And with a wide range of equipment options. For maximum energy efficiency in new builds and refurbishments.
KÜBLER SmartHeat Wärmepumpen

Quality Made In Germany

SmartHeat heat pumps are state-of-the-art technologies made in Germany. With the best COP performance figures, smart grid-capable and flexible integration into heating and building management systems. Versatile when it comes to integrating renewable energies into your building equipment. And partially subsidized by the BAFA market incentive program.
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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