KÜBLER hall heating systems

HELIO.B.R.I.D. - Solar thermal meets infrared

Using solar energy and residual heat for hot water
KÜBLER hall heating systems

High savings potential for heating

Infrared heating plus hot water from residual heat and solar thermal energy: this is the formula from which Helio.B.R.I.D. is made. In this combination, the KÜBLER system opens up high savings potential for heating your commercial property. And therefore much more flexibility in the design of your building.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Up to 15% heat gain from solar energy

The heating innovation from KÜBLER combines infrared technology with residual heat utilization and solar thermal energy. Helio.B.R.I.D. is the hall heating system from KÜBLER that simultaneously provides heat from solar energy and the exhaust gas energy from the heating systems for hot water preparation. Due to the anticyclical occurrence of heating requirements (winter) and maximum solar radiation (summer), the demand for hot water is covered throughout the year. Regenerative. And highly efficient.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

HELIO.B.R.I.D. - The functional principle

Grafik des O.P.U.S. X Hallenheizungssystems von KÜBLER in Verbindung mit Bürobeheizung
Grafik, die die gewonnene Brennstoffenergie des KÜBLER Heliobrid Systems aufzeigt

The advantages at a glance

  • Up to 15 % extra energy from residual heat utilization
  • Up to 15 % additional energy from solar thermal energy
  • More flexibility for the intelligent design of hall buildings in accordance with GEG
  • Regenerative coverage of hot water requirements throughout the year
  • For optimum energy efficiency and investment costs in new builds
Metallische Kugel mit Gravur "deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis".

Germany's most sustainable product - even more efficient

Helio.B.R.I.D. is the logical further development of the H.Y.B.R.I.D. heating system from KÜBLER. Awarded the German Sustainability Prize in 2012 for its outstanding energy efficiency. By integrating solar thermal energy, "Germany's most sustainable product 2012" now surpasses itself.
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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