“We were clearly convinced by the advice we received. You don’t deal with heating technology every day. In the beginning, there was a lot of uncertainty about the advantages and disadvantages of the various technologies. KÜBLER gave us an excellent overview of the systems available on the market. Completely without obligation. With all the comparative and profitability calculations, right up to the public subsidy programs. This has created a high degree of confidence. On the one hand in the technology, on the other hand in the implementation.”

Hans-Peter Kauderer, mateco AG

“The collective exhaust system alone is a great advantage when only one roof penetration is needed at 22 m ceiling height – incidentally, also for the chimney sweep.”

Michael Pfütze, Pfütze GmbH Lahr, Sanitär- und Heizungstechnik

“The new space heating system saves us about 65 % of the costs.”

Bejamin Reiner, Reiners + Fürst GmbH & Co, KG