KÜBLER hall heating systems


Personal contact with our customers is one of KÜBLER's strengths.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Experience proximity - in Germany, Europe and Asia

Trust needs proximity. Personal contact with our customers is one of KÜBLER's strengths. Within the German-speaking region, where we support you regionally from Austria and Switzerland to Flensburg with decentrally organized teams.
Proximity but also within and outside Europe. In Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia and China, KÜBLER is there for you with its own service and sales bases. We speak your language in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia and China. And in all these countries you can rely on one thing: the quality standard made by KÜBLER.

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Am Bubenpfad 1A
67065 Ludwigshafen

KÜBLER Anlagenbau GmbH

Sachsenallee 14
01723 Dresden

KÜBLER GmbH - Hagen branch

Emster Street 10
58093 Hagen

KÜBLER GmbH - Hamburg branch

Osterstrasse 58
20259 Hamburg

Marcus Klein KÜBLER factory representative

Kampwiesenweg 15A
34128 Kassel

KÜBLER GmbH c/o German Chamber of Commerce in Austria

Schwarzenbergplatz 5
1030 Vienna

KÜBLER Vesta Fütéstechnikai Kft.

Kun Farkas út 1.
5231 Fegyvernek

KÜBLER spol. s.r.o.

Zdická 2
153-00 Prague
Czech Republic
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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Every hall is different. With more than 30 years of company history, there is hardly a requirement that is foreign to us. Together with our customers, we have implemented the right solutions. If you are ready to implement economically proven heating concepts for your hall, then you have come to the right place.
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