How to regulate your hall heating during the Christmas break - and how to cleverly counter rising energy prices

December 21, 2023
Industrial warehouse with lighting and cable duct.
Christmas is once again approaching surprisingly quickly - and, unfortunately, one or two challenges are on the horizon. From the next increase in energy prices to the implementation of the GEG amendment. Congratulations if you have already converted your hall heating to an economical system from KÜBLER. This is a really good decision in many respects.


Was die Preise für Gas und für Öl angeht: sie haben sich in den letzten Monaten entspannt. Und auch der Strompreis hat sich im Vergleich zum Vorjahresniveau beruhigt. Durch den Wegfall des Bundeszuschusses sowie die Erhöhung des CO2-Steuer von 30 auf 45 € / t wird für 2024 jedoch mit teils kräftigen Preisanstiegen gerechnet.


This makes saving energy all the more important. Here are three important expert tips for you:
  1. Take a close look at the operating times of the hall heating systems and check whether the shift times are still synchronized with the heating times. Every hour of heating that you can save during normal operation is really worthwhile given the high prices.
  2. Clarify vacation operation during the festive period in good time and use the "Holiday operation" setting on your control unit. You can regulate the heating system down to 8 °C during the Christmas break, provided your general conditions allow this. This temperature is sufficient to ensure that the building does not cool down completely and that the operating temperature can be reached again quickly if required. You can already make the settings for Christmas and the other holidays now.
  3. Switch back to normal operation at the weekend before starting work. The system will run at the setback temperature according to your settings and resume normal operation on Monday.


Depending on the size of your system, reducing the temperature will save you several thousand euros. A sum that you can certainly budget for in the coming financial year. Perhaps even to celebrate with your employees and raise a glass to the New Year?


If you need help with the settings and have any questions, we will be happy to help you. And if you would like to find out more about temperature reduction and the possibilities of modern heating control, simply contact us. Contact us with us.

☆ We wish you a blessed Christmas season and a happy and successful 2024! ☆

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