Today there is a lot of talk about efficiency. For KÜBLER, though, it’s more than talk: efficiency is our identity. Our unceasing drive toward ensuring top efficiency makes KÜBLER products stand above the crowd in an energy-hungry market. What do our customers get out of it? Look at it this way: up to 70% energy savings. A return on investment of 2 to 5 years. Thousands of tons fewer CO2 emissions. And heating solutions where sustainable use pays for the investment costs. Take a closer look.

  • Up to 70 percent energy savings
  • A return on investment of 2 to 5 years
  • X-thousand tons less CO2 emissions
  • And an effective energy-saving measure where sustainable benefits pay for the investment costs

Efficiency has made our technologies unique. But looked at closely, it has far greater dimensions at KÜBLER. Efficiency starts with our recyclable packaging. With recyclable products. With special services such as the spare parts guarantee for every unit sold to date. Efficiency is also when systems are tailor-made for almost any customer requirement, no matter how unusual. And always when our solutions exceed our customers’ expectations.


Sustainability pays off. Do the math!

Energy efficiency pays off. With energy-saving hall heating systems from KÜBLER directly. This is interesting for anyone who is concerned with hall heating technologies from a business management point of view. Regardless of whether it’s a new building or energy-efficient refurbishment of existing buildings.

Looking at the investment costs is short-sighted. After all, over a life cycle of 15 years, hall heating systems consume 6 to 20 times more energy than the initial cost. That is a fact. Due to the high energy savings of up to 70 %, solutions from KÜBLER become highly interesting economic factors. They pay for themselves within a few years. With a direct impact on the operating result.

Übersicht der Lebenszykluskosten der verschiedenen KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme

What combines nature and technology? A special radiance: the principle of infrared ceiling heating.

The principle infrared

Infrared is the natural thermal principle of the sun. In physics, this refers to electromagnetic waves in a defined spectral range on the border of visible light. Infrared rays in long-wave frequency are emitted by any thermal source. These infrared rays have the property of heating only the bodies they strike. Heat transfer by infrared thus differs significantly from so-called convection, i.e. the heating of ambient air.

Little convection, more infrared: the ideal ceiling heater

The ratio of convection to infrared provides information about the quality and efficiency of an infrared heating ceiling. This is based on a physical law: the higher the temperature of a heat source, the lower its (undesirable) convective component and the higher its (desirable) infrared component. A physical law that KÜBLER makes use of to its limits.

Web-Grafik zum Thema Energieeffizienz und Infrarot

Comfortable, efficient and economical


Infrared rays warm. Without air movement, without drafts, without dust swirling. On our planet the most pleasant heat principle. That’s what makes infrared so comfortable.


Because of these advantages, KÜBLER has declared infrared to be its efficiency principle. And has brought the performance of this principle to top position in its hall heating technologies since 1989. Today, KÜBLER’s infrared radiant ceiling heaters are powerhouses with the lowest energy requirements. Highly intelligent and unique in many ways.


Infrared rays heat bodies and objects that absorb them. Air remains unaffected. This is a decisive advantage when heating high hall spaces. Because in this way there are also no warm air cushions that rise upwards and fizzle out unused under the hall roof. The heat of an infrared hall heating works where it is used. That is what makes it so economical.

Gesetz der Warmluft


The future of energy-saving space heating systems

Innovation leadership is a central part of KÜBLER’s corporate strategy. The investment that goes into basic research and development work at KÜBLER every year is exceptional for the industry. The teams in our R&D department are working flat out on advances in heating technology.

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