KÜBLER hall heating systems


MAXIMA is the high-efficiency indoor heating system with infrared. Open for green electricity and made for the energy transition. As a classic version, as an e-hybrid or as a retrofit kit.
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Electrical energy

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Future security

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KÜBLER hall heating systems

High efficiency meets green energy.

Compact, dynamic, powerful: the high-performance infrared heater maximizes our highest radiation efficiency to a fascinating 80 percent. Now the highly efficient hall heating system can do even more: an additional plus of 10 kW electrical power from green PV or grid electricity as an option. The new MAXIMA E-Hybrid line thus stands for maximum efficiency in energy-efficient refurbishment. For regenerative energy sources. And for your investment-safe path into the future of heating technology.
  • 33 kW heat output when using methane, liquid gas*, biogas**
  • Additional 10.2 kW electrical heating output with automatic switchover when green PV power is available
  • Ready to follow the H2 transformation path - for maximum investment and operational security now and in the future
  • 80 % Infrared component
  • Integrated Performance Control System PCS with the latest control technology
  • Highefficieny - Made in Germany
* 26 kW for liquid gas ** in natural gas quality
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MAXIMA is the high-efficiency indoor heating system with infrared. Open for green electricity and made for the energy transition. As a classic version, as an e-hybrid or as a retrofit kit.

The MAXIMA basic system

High efficiency in the hall building.
Open for methane, liquid gas, biogas** and ready to follow the H2 transformation path - the powerful high-efficiency line from KÜBLER impresses even in its basic configuration with its wide range of types in particularly economical and particularly environmentally friendly heating operation.

MAXIMA retrofit kit

Getting fit for the energy transition.
High-effficiency Infrared hall heaters Upgrade easily: the MAXIMA E-Hybrid Kit brings green electricity to your existing systems. Quite simply as a retrofit kit. Very convenient. Very fast. Very affordable.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

80 % Infrared. 100 % Future.

MAXIMA brings energy efficiency, economy, functionality and thermal comfort to your hall. After all, the red KÜBLER line was designed for this - in every detail. This allows you to benefit from the sun's comfortable draught-free heating climate, profit from demand-controlled heating output on demand, reduce your energy costs and emissions and retain full flexibility. In the control system. And in the use of your hall building.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Infrared heat has many advantages. These will surprise you.

  • Functionally optimized for maximum economical and convenient operation in indoor buildings
  • Inexpensive investment costs, short amortization period
  • Comfortable heating principle like the sun - even at low room air temperatures
  • Even heat distribution even in poorly insulated halls
  • No draughts - no swirling up of dust
  • Demand-based controllable heat output, flexible in terms of time and location
  • Installation even during operation
  • Flexible (re)use of hall and floor space
KÜBLER hall heating

Your desired color is possible

Like MAXIMA, MAXIMA E-Hybrid is painted in RAL 3020. As a basic color at no extra charge. And optionally in any other RAL color you desire. For example in these.
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RAL 3020

Base color
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KÜBLER hall heating systems

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