Energy is valuable

Nobody wants to generate heating costs, but everyone needs a productive and pleasant working atmosphere. Cost increases in energy prices and the legal situation, which is not understandable at first glance, do not make investment decisions any easier for companies and municipalities.

  • What impact do CO2 taxes have on your heating costs?
  • Which technology is best suited for heating halls?
  • What facts should companies know in order to make sustainable and future-proof investments?

Let’s look at the heating…

  • like your machinery: In the work preparation department, the heat is scheduled when and where it is actually needed. On demand, so to speak. But please do so with the best performance and maximum efficiency.
  • like a lighting system: They dim down when no work is being done. And "illuminate" the hall zones at the start of the shift with the heat intensity that is needed there at the time.
  • like a vehicle: the way it is driven determines its fuel consumption. With a well thought-out control system, you drive the heating system on the ideal line. And you also achieve significant energy savings.

Today, with over 30 years of experience, we can supply hall heating systems that consume up to 70 % less energy than conventional heating systems. For you and your employees, this means a well-tempered working environment without dust turbulence and without drafts – environmentally friendly and at significantly lower costs.

The right way for all hall projects

Companies expect different concepts depending on their size and strategy. Medium-sized companies think and decide differently than corporations. Municipalities think differently than associations. We support you in your project.

You invest wisely and sustainably

Your investment in a new hall heating system should pay off reliably. You decide on the best price/performance ratio. In doing so, looking at energy costs with a view to the coming years is crucial. You want to invest wisely and deal sustainably with energy and the associated costs.

We will support you!

Our awards

All our work is aimed at becoming more efficient, smarter, better. And this pursuit is recognized almost every year.

Say goodbye to high investment sums with low efficiency.

Say goodbye to the wrong technology that brings high energy costs and limitations in function. A clear no to heating systems that name theoretically good key figures, but owe the success in practice.

Let us discuss your projectRequest a concept now

The idea behind KÜBLER energy-saving space heaters

What we started over 30 years ago would probably be celebrated today as an eco start-up. Back then, we set out to design better, energy-saving and sustainable concepts for heating halls and industrial buildings. We have succeeded very well in countless projects with thousands of customers.


Why? Because the spatial world of “hall” interests us more than anything else.

  • Because what works well in offices and residential buildings at room heights of up to three meters loses its effect in halls.
  • Because warm air rises to the top. But the heat is needed on the ground. And because there must be better solutions than just directing air currents back down.
  • Because even more dust is swirled around than absolutely necessary. The warm air rises again - and in the end far too much energy is wasted for far too little benefit.

The special thing about your hall

Every hall is different. Don’t be surprised if we ask a lot of questions during our first contact. We really want to understand what you need and achieve a holistic view of your hall building. Then we’ll make sure you get our best ideas and concepts: for your energy-saving hall heating system.