What our heart beats for

In the beginning, it was an idea: save energy in places where a particularly large amount of energy is needed for heating – in hall buildings. With the development of the first energy-saving hall heating system, our passion for energy efficiency was born. This is what our heart has been beating for – for more than three decades.

Infrared is by far the best way to heat halls, we think. Because there are good reasons for this. Among the various technical alternatives for hall heating, infrared is the principle with the most convincing advantages. No technology suits the hall better. But the most important plus point of all: infrared requires less energy.

In more than 30 years of company history, we have developed this heating principle into high-efficiency technology. Our systems are multiple award-winning premium solutions. Designed for reliable continuous operation over a service life of 20 years and more.

What else is there to say about KÜBLER at this point? Well, perhaps this: The experience we have gained over three decades and well over 15,000 projects has made us proven experts. In all matters relating to hall heating. That is KÜBLER today. And the future? For us, it has always belonged to energy efficiency. We have been setting the trends in energy-saving hall heating since 1989. And that is what the heart of our company beats for.

Thomas Kübler, Geschäftsführer der KÜBLER GmbH

Our employees - our values

At KÜBLER, the focus is on people. Our more than 130 employees have developed our mission statement. It is a set of values that everyone can identify with and that provides us with binding orientation: Who we are, how we act, how we communicate.

  • Enthusiasm: Our entire value chain is designed to inspire our clients. Our employees therefore give their best every day when tackling tasks and challenges.
  • Enthusiasm for performance: Anyone who aims for nothing less than the future of energy-efficient hall heating needs visionary power and a passionate workforce.
  • Responsibility: As a company that measures its self-image by the standards of sustainability, KÜBLER assumes responsibility. As an employer. For the environment and society.
  • Openness and transparency: Without this attitude, no trusting cooperation can function. Communication and exchange are important to us and provide important impulses for creativity and development.

That is important to us. In our dealings with each other, with our customers and business partners. Across countries, cultural and ethnic boundaries. In order not only to drive forward heating technology progress every day, but also to secure the livelihood of our families.

By the way – KÜBLER is one of the leading companies in the industry in Europe, with numerous foreign representatives and a nationwide service network.

Our awards

All our work is aimed at becoming more efficient, smarter, better. And this pursuit is recognized almost every year.

Research and patents

Our goal is the future – and it has long since begun at KÜBLER. We want to offer our customers the best heating solutions. For today, for the years and decades to come. That’s why we have always invested extraordinary sums in research and development compared to industry standard. We owe this to you because of our position as an innovative company. What does this mean for your planning? We will move with you safely into the future of heating technology. Step by step. For more energy efficiency, economy and climate protection when heating your halls.

Our research projects, patents, patent applications and utility models are an expression of KÜBLER’s pioneering achievements. We conduct basic research in many areas – basically for the entire industry. And the search for new potential is far from over.

Jobs at KÜBLER

Behind every new product, behind every successful project and behind every KÜBLER award are our employees. Ultimately, we owe our claim to first-class performance to each and every one of them – and to our shared values:

  • Enthusiasm and the fun of joint success.
  • Responsibility for a future worth living.
  • Concentration to demonstrate outstanding expertise with combined forces.
  • Above-average dynamics, because "there's no such thing as can't".
  • Absolute reliability of our actions, which means security for everyone.

We want to attract the best employees. People who fit in with us. Who make our performance principle their own and find the right environment for their development in our corporate culture. And we offer a lot in return: mutual respect and the certainty of being understood. Freedom to make decisions for every development. Performance-related rewards, a wide range of training opportunities, pension plans and variable working time models.

Do you want to drive the future of heating with us? Then why not join us!