Control your heating on an efficiency course

The cheapest heater is still the one that doesn’t run. Or just as much as is really needed. With our intelligent control systems and efficiency modules, you can optimize your heating operation, significantly reduce energy consumption – and tap into further relevant savings potential for your company.

CELESTRA Steuerungssystem von KÜBLER Hallenheizungen, im Hintergrund eine Werkstatt mit blauem OPTIMA plus Hallenheizungssystem, das von der CELESTRA bedarfsgemäß gesteuert wird


CELESTRA is more than just a modern control system: a high-performance cockpit that allows you to run your heating system at maximum efficiency and truly avoid any unnecessary energy consumption.

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E-Steuerung an der Wand einer Halle zur Steuerung von Heizungsanlagen mit optimierten Energieverbrauch.

E* Control

Our E* control is the solid entry-level solution for optimized energy consumption. For up to two heating zones. With day, night, week and frost protection program. Simply good, inexpensive and reliable.

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Mitarbeiter, der in einem Büro vor seinem Laptop sitzt und eine Fernwartung durchführt

Expansion modules

Modulation, remote control and economy module. ParkOff, heating time extension and remote maintenance. Humidity control and interactive CAD plans. Expand your system with the smart modules according to your needs.

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selbstlernenden Steuerungssystem


Intuitive operation, transparency of all important data and integrable into any PC world - the resource-optimizing control system R.O.S.S.Y.® helps you to run the plant at the highest efficiency point.

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Steuerungsprogramm TNW der Firma KÜBLER an der Wand einer Halle zur Steuerung von kleineren Heizungsanlagen mit optimierten Energieverbrauch.

TNW Digital

Designed for small systems, the TNW digital control unit offers great performance at a low price. For reliable control of up to two heaters in day/night, automatic or frost protection mode.

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All our work is aimed at becoming more efficient, smarter, better. And this pursuit is recognized almost every year.