KÜBLER hall heating systems

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KÜBLER hall heating systems

Energy-saving heating: Reliable heating for commercial buildings and craft businesses

Wherever sawing, painting, cutting, milling, welding or soldering takes place: The right room climate is an important production factor. Dust-free and draught-free heating is crucial for the quality of work. That's why the right heating system is so important for industrial buildings.
  • Halle mit Weinfässern
  • Schreinerei ausgestattet mit KÜBLER Hallenheizungen
  • Metallbau Halle ausgestattet mit blauen OPTIMA plus Dunkelstrahlern
  • Innenansicht einer belebten Werkshalle.aSchlosserei ausgestattet mit weißen OPTIMA plus Dunkelstrahlern von KÜBLER
Techniker prüft Industrieanlage Manometer.

Ideal heating for commercial buildings and craft businesses:

  • Durable, award-winning energy-saving technology
  • Rapid amortization
  • Short heat-up times
  • Even heat distribution even in poorly insulated halls
  • Draught and dust-free heating
  • Simple installation and maintenance conditions
  • Ideal for material preheating and drying
  • Flexible zone heating
  • Easy-to-operate system control
  • Efficient in new builds and renovations
Industriehalle mit Lagerbestand und Maschinen.

The best heating for your commercial building: Robust. Reliable. Draught-free.

Dust is created in many production processes. At the same time, it is a major enemy in craft businesses. It is therefore important to avoid swirling up dust as far as possible. The ideal heating principle for this: infrared technology from KÜBLER. In contrast to conventional hall heating systems, no air is heated by the radiant heat. This means that there is no disruptive air movement or dust turbulence. Infrared is therefore similar to the heat principle of the sun: the dark radiators heat the objects in the room, i.e. the zones where the energy is needed. Incidentally, this is one reason why the room climate with KÜBLER infrared heaters is so pleasant. And so efficient.
Innenansicht einer modernen Lagerhalle.

Heating for your industrial hall: Even heat distribution is important for workpieces and machines

In metalworking companies in particular, absolutely uniform heat distribution is often what counts. It ensures the homogeneous temperature control of workpieces and machines. Indispensable, especially in areas of high-precision mechanics, where work is carried out with the tightest tolerances.
Düstere Produktionshalle mit Containern. Blaue OPTIMA plus Deckenstrahler von KÜBLER werden von den Lampen in Szene gesetzt.

Workshop heating: Heating usage zones individually

Depending on the usage, our heating systems can be individual zones Define and individually controlled. After all, the temperature requirements within a hall can vary greatly. Depending on whether areas are used for production, assembly, packaging or storage purposes.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Infrared hall heating for every type of hall from KÜBLER

For us at KÜBLER, every hall heating system is a personal project. After all, every hall is different. That's why we offer customized solutions for different types of halls and requirements. Regardless of whether you want your Heating the tennis hall or want a Workshop heating need. Thanks to the Modular expansion and customization options our concepts can be adapted precisely to the conditions of the respective project.

We accompany every project from the Planning & consulting about the Annual maintenance up to further versatile Services over the entire life cycle of your workshop heating system. Rely on a reliable partner. We stand for Quality and multiple award-winning Sustainability. Save energy now with KÜBLER!
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  • "The rental model has solved our heating problem. And saved us over 45,000 euros."
    Hans Fuhrmann, Production Director | Dexion Gonvarri Material Handling
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  • "This heater is unbeatable."
    Ted Long, Head Professional | Mannheim-Viernheim Golf Club
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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