KÜBLER hall heating systems

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Our modern warehouses are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure optimum storage and fast processing of your orders. We attach great importance to environmentally friendly logistics in order to minimize our CO2-footprint to a minimum.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Heating logistics and warehouses - efficiently and economically with KÜBLER

Open hall doors, high-bay warehouses or moisture-sensitive stored goods - these are real challenges for the heating of warehouses. In addition, there are different usage zones, e.g. for order picking workstations. Nevertheless, our infrared-based heating systems for warehouses can meet the highest demands in terms of energy efficiency and thermal comfort. Let's talk about it.
Industriehalle mit Lagerbestand und Maschinen.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

The right infrared heater for your warehouse

The right infrared heater for your warehouse
Heating warehouses requires special solutions. And special know-how. After all, you need the best answer to questions like these: How can heat loss through constantly open warehouse doors be effectively avoided? How can long, narrow aisles be heated economically? And how can condensation and temperature-sensitive goods be specially protected?

The answer to these and other questions is KÜBLER infrared heating for your warehouse. Tailored to your requirements, with maximum efficiency, individual configurations and many more advantages.
  • Up to 70 % energy savings
  • Reliable protection of the stored goods against frost and condensation
  • TorOff module for frequent goods handling
  • Maximum heating comfort
  • Pleasant room climate
  • Dust and draught-free heating
  • High operational reliability
  • Flexible for zone heating
  • Modularly expandable
  • Lagerhalle mit blauen OPTIMA plus Hallenheizungen von KÜBLER
  • Lagerhalle mit blauen OPTIMA plus Geräten von KÜBLER
  • Lagerhalle von Firma Uvex: Blick auf 2 Etagen mit Kartons gerichtet, ein OPTIMA plus Deckenstrahler von KÜBLER hängt über roten Stahlstützleisten
  • Logistikhalle im Vordergrund ist ein Gabelstaplerfahrer zu sehen. Die halle ist ausgerüstet mit OPTIMA plus Infrarotheizungen von KÜBLER

Heating warehouses with intelligent additional components

Your KÜBLER warehouse heating system can be expanded as required. How? Quite simply. Through Intelligent add-on modulessuch as these, for example. They provide extra efficiency for your warehouse heating system.
1st TorOff
No energy loss - even when the hall doors are open.
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2. hygroTec
Reliable protection against condensation for sensitive stored goods
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3RD O.P.U.S. X
Up to 15 % extra energy through residual heat recovery in the H.Y.B.R.I.D. system, awarded the German Sustainability Prize 2012
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Eine große Lagerhalle mit geöffnetem Hallentor.

Heat warehouses and save energy sustainably

Infrared is considered the most modern technology for the economical heating of halls. One of the most efficient solutions for warehouses is offered by the energy-saving infrared heating technology from KÜBLER. Why? Firstly, because the heat is generated specifically in the area of use - exactly where it is needed. And secondly, because there are no heat pockets that could fizzle out unused under the hall roof.

This saves you money and many tons of CO2-emissions. For over 30 years Environmental compatibility and efficiency at the center of our work. With the goal, Sustainable and responsible Our energy-saving storage heaters set new standards in terms of how we use natural resources: through innovative technologies, even more even heat distribution and, above all, their extremely high efficiency. For maximum energy efficiency that pays off for you. And for the environment.
Intelligent additional components
Lagerhalle mit blauen OPTIMA plus Hallenheizungen von KÜBLER

Heating warehouses with KÜBLER - a good investment in sustainability and quality

Especially with a storage heating system, it is worth choosing the right partner who will provide you with competent, reliable and goal-oriented support. After all, you should benefit from your heating system for 20 years or more. Get in touch with us and discover how a Customized solution for the heating of your warehouse. By the way: Your investment in a warehouse heating system from KÜBLER will pay for itself in a very short time due to the high energy saving values.

Warehouse heating systems from KÜBLER are extremely robust and designed for long life cycles and reliable operation. Almost all the systems that we 25 years ago installed, are still in operation today. KÜBLER's premium quality standards are one reason for this. The other is our service philosophy: with comprehensive services, we are committed to your productive, uninterrupted system operation.

However, quality and sustainability from KÜBLER also mean this: If something changes at your premises, your systems for heating your warehouse can be easily adapted to the new requirements. Regardless of whether you want to expand the system or relocate it and continue using it in completely different buildings. The Modular structure of our products makes it possible. Absolute reliability, Longevity and sustainability - that is premium technology made by KÜBLER. Convince yourself of our quality. We look forward to your inquiry!
Customer testimonials
  • "Now we have clean energy in the hall. Without draughts. And the dust pollution is significantly lower."
    Hans Fuhrmann, Production Director | Dexion Gonvarri Material Handling
  • "The rental model has solved our heating problem. And saved us over 45,000 euros."
    Hans Fuhrmann, Production Director | Dexion Gonvarri Material Handling
  • "Our employees are delighted. You can feel the warmth of the infrared heaters as soon as you switch them on."
    Fritz Güllich, Warehouse Manager Fürth | UVEX WINTER HOLDING GmbH & Co. KG
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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