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KÜBLER infrared technologies

Economical, digital, green.
Hall heating and hall heating systems for the energy transition

We offer you the best and most economical solutions for heating your hall buildings. No less than this is the claim with which KÜBLER has been developing energy-saving hall heating systems since 1989. Today, you benefit from solutions that accompany you on the path to decarbonization. Maximum energy-saving dark radiator and hybrid systems with condensing boiler technology. Intelligently controlled, networked, fully digitalized, H2-ready and, on request, also powered by renewable energy. Discover the future of heating technology.
Innovations for the energy transition

KÜBLER hall heating systems

High cost-effectiveness, a pleasant indoor climate and sustainable energy efficiency: KÜBLER infrared hall heaters are made for the special and demanding heating requirements in tall buildings. Suitable for every type of hall, for every usage profile and especially for your individual needs. Discover KÜBLER's dark radiant heaters in the high-efficiency classes.
Infrared hall heaters
Innovations for the energy transition

Hybrid systems and digital hall heating systems

Various efficiency strategies cleverly combined - the fully integrated KÜBLER complete systems offer more value than the sum of their parts. They stand for unsurpassed savings. For intelligent networking. For digital intelligence. For the integration of renewable energy sources. And for a whole series of awards: From the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award to the German Sustainability Award. Gain an insight into the possibilities of modern
Hall heating systems
Rent heat

Heating plant

Low budget - but need a modern heating solution for the hall? The smart KÜBLER HeizWerk rental model allows you to make the leap to greater heating comfort and energy efficiency. Without investing in a new system. Without balance sheet depreciation. A smart and extremely cost-efficient industrial heating solution from KÜBLER. And probably the best answer to the frequent investment backlog in large industrial heating systems. Find out more about how you can
Rent hall heating

Heating controls

Intelligent control systems help you to optimize heating operation at optimum efficiency level to drive. They provide you with extra efficiency and economy in your heating operation. From the entry-level model for small systems to the modern control cockpit. Powerful heating controls. Digital, self-learning and modularly expandable as required. Up to the energy management system according to DIN EN 50001. Learn more about the smart:
Heating controls

Condensing boiler technology 

Condensing technology converts the waste heat from your hall heating systems into usable energy. Transferred to water or air, this can be fed into hydraulic heating networks or used in warm air blowers. Virtually free of charge. This is one of KÜBLER's technical highlights.
Residual heat utilization


The services for our premium heating technologies go far beyond standard services. From annual maintenance to service life extensions, they are designed to ensure your productivity. Without compromise. But with sustainably high effectiveness, reliability and energy efficiency of your KÜBLER hall heating systems. Our service staff are experts in their field. Excellently qualified, regularly trained for fast and effective deployment on your premises.
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Exhaust systems and other components

Our hall heating systems are premium technologies - well thought out down to the smallest detail and designed for durability and efficiency. This also applies to the fresh air supply and our robust, high-quality gas flue systems. In addition to the classic types, collective exhaust gas systems offer special and unique advantages - above all their integration into highly efficient hybrid systems.
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KÜBLER Academy

KÜBLER's further training forum offers targeted seminars for building owners, energy managers and energy consultants, heating engineers, architects and specialist engineers, providing an insight into the range of topics relevant to climate policy in the areas of indoor buildings, heating and energy efficiency. Listed in the dena (German Energy Agency) training calendar, with proven speakers and a practical focus.
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KÜBLER hall heating systems
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