KÜBLER multi-energy infrared hall heating


Highly efficient. With green electricity. With green H2. With gas. With light.
Innovation in hall heating technology

FUTURA. Making the energy transition. To economic success.

"Regardless of which energy sources are available in the future, in what quantities and at what price, with our highly effective KÜBLER technology you will always get the hall warm. And make the heat transition an economically measurable success for yourself."
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For our blue planet

The multi-energy infrared heater. For the energy revolution. For your hall. For the future.

FUTURA is the future that starts today. A world first that helps you shape the energy transition. Safe. Reliable. With pioneering functions. In addition to the ability to switch highly efficiently between current and future energy sources, the new infrared heating system combines the heat supply with the lighting of your hall buildings. Intelligent, functional and economical.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

The electric heater that can handle gas?
The gas heater that can do electric?
FUTURA is the heating system that can do everything.

Logo für elektrischen Strom

Electrical energy

FUTURA uses green electricity from photovoltaics or from the grid to reliably and effectively supply heat to your hall buildings. Applicable: 0 to 100 percent*.
Icon für Element H2


The innovative IR heating system is H2-ready and therefore ready for the green gas of the future. Applicable: 0 to 20 percent according to the current standard and open for 100 percent* by 2045.
Icon für Gas


With this low-carbon energy source, FUTURA ensures security of supply and grid stability as we move towards a carbon-free era. Applicable: 0 to 100 percent*.
*based on annual consumption
LED-Symbol auf orangem Hintergrund


Two luminaires, one luminaire or none? You decide. The 2-in-1 world innovation FUTURA offers you ideal illumination functions for new hall constructions.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Electrons or molecules? FUTURA can do both.

What energies will we use to heat halls tomorrow? And the day after tomorrow? And in 2045? It doesn't matter. Because regardless of whether green hydrogen or electricity determines the future, FUTURA can do both. And more: the innovative infrared heating system also uses biogas, natural gas or liquid gas and allows you to switch variably between the energy sources. In mono mode or in a mix. Depending on which energy is currently available or particularly cost-effective for you. This provides security of supply and stabilizes the grids. The energy transition? It can come.
Rent heat
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FUTURA E: The innovative solution for power operation

Simple, fast and cost-effective, especially in conjunction with existing photovoltaics
The latest development for electricity-only operation. Installation is quick and uncomplicated. Particularly cost-effective if photovoltaics are already integrated on the roof. FUTURA E can be easily and effectively converted to hydrogen and fully meets the requirements of the Building Energy Act (GEG).
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KÜBLER hall heating systems

The economy needs economic solutions? Voilà!

Infrared is highly efficient in halls. The ideal form for heating large, high rooms with a height of 4 to 40 meters and more. And by far the most comfortable form of heating. It has proven itself a thousand times over. Because it is unbeatably flexible. Because it minimizes energy consumption and reduces consumption costs. Also because of its low investment costs, infrared is one of the most economical ways of bringing heat into large rooms. Now FUTURA offers another option for saving money: Use the energy that is cheapest at the time.
FUTURA Hallenheizung Perspektive von unten
Note: We have exaggerated the colors of the FUTURA heating elements for the sake of clarity. They do not correspond to the actual coloring.

With distinction | already six times

The multi-energy infrared system has already won five awards since its launch: With the special prize "Innovative Technologies for Climate Protection" at the SUCCESS 2022 technology competition, the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award, the German Innovation Award in the Winner category, the FOCUS Special Mention at the FOCUS OPEN design award, the PLUS X Award in the Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality categories and, most recently, the Zukunftspreis Mittelstand award.
  • Logo Innovationspreis Rheinland-Pfalz 2023.
  • Logo des German Innovation Award 2023 Gewinner.
  • Logo für "FOCUS OPEN 2023 Special Mention
  • KÜBLER-Gruppenbild von der SUCCESS 2022
  • Schriftzug "Success 2022" und "Vorsprung durch Innovation
  • KÜBLER erhält den Innovationspreis Rheinland-Pfalz 2023
KÜBLER hall heating systems

With light. With an infrastructure. With an installation. With a future.

With the cost advantage of the innovative 2-in-1 solution.
FUTURA brings light into the energy revolution. Because the innovative multi-energy system is IR hall heating and LED hall lighting in one. This has enormous advantages - especially when building new halls. After all, the smart world renovation saves a lot of effort and costs under the hall roof. And builds a bridge to the new era of industrial heat and light supply.
FUTURA without luminaire
Ideal for heating modernization in the energy transition with energy-open and highly efficient infrared technology.
KÜBLER FUTURA Heizsystemgerät
FUTURA with 1 luminaire per end module
High, fatigue-free quality of light for new hall buildings or energy-efficient refurbishment projects with ceiling heights of up to 6 meters.
FUTURA-Hallenheizung mit durchgängiger Leuchte
FUTURA with 2 luminaires per end module
Energy-saving LED lighting for new halls or energy-efficient refurbishments with ceiling heights of more than 6 meters.
FUTURA-Hallenheizung mit Leuchte

With energy efficiency

  • Innovative high-efficiency technology
  • Open to green and fossil energies
  • Direct heat without heat exchanger losses
  • Temporally and locally flexible coverage of real heat demand (no more heating than necessary)
  • Energy management integrated in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001

With economic efficiency

  • 2-in-1 heating and lighting system
  • Favorable investment costs and low TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Reduced wiring and installation costs
  • Fast installation even during operation
  • No separate boiler room
  • Strengthens resilience to fluctuating energy prices

With operational safety

  • Pioneering multi-energy system
  • Investment security for current and future energy sources
  • Balancing volatile available energies
  • Comprehensive service network
  • World first from the innovation leader - made in Germany

With flexibility

  • Functionally optimized for convenient and economical operation in halls
  • Fast heat-up times, individual zone heating
  • Free (re)use of hall and floor space
  • Modular expansion and service concept
  • Easy to dismantle and rehang at any time

With thermal comfort

  • Bidirectional heat transfer with infrared
  • Comfortable heating principle like the sun - even at low room air temperatures
  • No draughts or dust turbulence
  • Even heat distribution even in poorly insulated halls
  • Demand-oriented controllable heat output
Grafik Funktionsweise Infrarot-Hallenheizung mit zwei Arbeitern

Efficiency-first. Good for the energy transition. Good for your costs.

FUTURA is warmth from above. Like the sun, it heats everything that is illuminated. People, machines, hall floors. So the heat comes from above, below and from all sides at the same time. Just bidirectional. Like the sun's rays. And because it also works directly and does not end up as a cushion of warm air under the hall ceiling and because it is decentralized without conduction losses, this heat transfer is unbeatably energy-efficient thanks to physics. With impressive savings of 50 to 70 percent.
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FUTURA-Hallenheizung in Halle eingebaut mit eingeschaltetem Licht

Heat on demand. Where and when you need it.

No work in zone A? Special shift from 5 p.m.? Storage area 3 degrees below working temperature? With FUTURA, you can heat flexibly in terms of time and location - because the pioneering infrared heating system only covers the heat demand that actually exists. After all, the most efficient heating system is the one that is not running. Smart control features such as zone heating, night setback or the switch-off function when the doors are open also significantly reduce energy consumption. In production and logistics halls. In event and sports halls. In workshops and sales rooms. In energy-efficient refurbishments as well as in new buildings.
Industrielager mit Oberlicht und Metallkonstruktion.

Flexible for the future.

FUTURA is flexibility. And therefore the future of your hall building. Why? Because the versatile infrared heating system allows you to do whatever you want with your hall. At any time. Always adapt the hall layout to the changing requirements of production operations or production technology? Change the usage profile of the building? Expand or replace your machinery? Convert the hall? Letting? Sale? It doesn't matter. The future holds all possibilities for you.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Our research partners

KÜBLER hall heating systems

Your desired color is possible

Like MAXIMA, FUTURA is painted in RAL 3020. As a basic color at no extra charge. And optionally in any other RAL color you desire. For example in these.
Rote Farbe RAL 3020 für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 3020

Base color
Gelbe Farbe RAL 1003 für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 1003

Beige Farbe für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 1013

Weisse Farbe für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 9010

Blaue Farbe RAL 5015 für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 5015

Blaue Farbe 5005 für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 5005

Grüne Farbe RAL 6026 für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plus

RAL 6026

Schwarze Farbe RAL 9017 für KÜBLER Hallenheizungssysteme MAXIMA und OPTIMA plusrgrund.

RAL 9017

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Customer testimonials
  • "FUTURA ensures security of supply and stabilizes the grids. But above all, the solution is economical."
  • "Infrared is the ideal way to heat large rooms."
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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