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KÜBLER hall heating systems

A quantum leap in hall heating technology

Condensing technology for infrared heating: A quantum leap in hall heating technology. Since the development of O.P.U.S. X, it has been possible to economically utilize the residual energy in the exhaust gases of infrared systems. For example, for the hot water-based heating of offices. Or with the air-to-air heat exchanger O.P.U.S. Air in halls without hot water consumption points.
Peripherie von KÜBLER's O.P.U.S. X Dunkelstrahler

O.P.U.S. X

O.P.U.S. X is the heat exchanger system for infrared heaters. And a technological highlight. After all, condensing technology for infrared heating systems (dark radiators) was previously only economically feasible in exceptional cases. With the development of O.P.U.S. X, the breakthrough has been achieved.
15 % durchsichtig und dreidimensional dargestellt, das für KÜBLERS O.P.U.S. X Restwärmesystem Zusatzenergie steht

Up to 15 % extra energy:
The plus of KÜBLER

KÜBLER condensing technology enables the economical use of energy that was previously largely lost to the environment in the exhaust gas of hall heating systems. You can recover up to 15 % of additional energy. Can be used, for example, to heat offices and social rooms. Or even for hot service water. Virtually free of charge.

By the wayO.P.U.S. X is not only economically interesting for new installations. The condensing technology from KÜBLER can be integrated into existing infrared heating systems as required.
Grafik, die zeigt, wie der Wärmeaustauscher O.P.U.S.X bedarfsgerecht in bestehende Infrarotheizungsanlagen integriert wird

The functional principle

O.P.U.S. X extracts the energy contained in the exhaust gas from infrared heaters (dark radiators) and transfers it to a storage medium. Usually to water. A buffer tank receives this hot water. As a standard application, the energy is then fed into the heating circuit return of a pump hot water heating system as required via a controller. In this way, the recovered energy can be used to heat offices or social rooms. Or to provide domestic hot water. Other possible applications include (fresh) air preheating.
Customer testimonials
  • "I didn't have to worry about the details. Everything went flawlessly."
    Dr. Peter Ruckh, Chief Technology Officer | Tennis Club Grün-Weiss Mannheim e. V.
  • "We assume that energy costs will continue to rise. The investment will therefore pay for itself quickly."
    Dr. Peter Ruckh, Chief Technology Officer | Tennis Club Grün-Weiss Mannheim e. V.
  • "This heater is unbeatable."
    Ted Long, Head Professional | Mannheim-Viernheim Golf Club
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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