KÜBLER hall heating systems


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KÜBLER hall heating systems

System inspection, efficiency increase & more - heating services from KÜBLER

As a reliable partner for future-oriented heating concepts, we stand for much more than the development and manufacture of highly efficient infrared indoor heating systems. KÜBLER is your full-service provider, offering you a customized all-round service package from the analysis and design of an intelligent heating system through to system testing, extending the service life or increasing efficiency.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

A question of the right attitude:
KÜBLER Heating Services has a lot going for it

Did you know that just 1 °C deviation in the temperature display means 6 % more energy consumption? Sustainably high system efficiency is also a question of the right settings. KÜBLER's services give you the certainty that this will remain the case. They protect your investment and ensure the exceptional reliability, durability and sustainability of your hall heating system. Discover the heating services from KÜBLER.

KÜBLER Heating Service: Annual maintenance

In the cold season, a flawless heat flow is a decisive production factor. Who wants to leave that to chance? Prevention is the key here. Annual maintenance is therefore a must and always pays off. After all, there is hardly a nastier surprise than an unplanned breakdown. KÜBLER's customer service ensures that unnecessary heating energy consumption avoided and ensures that the Optimum utilization of the high efficiency and running time of your system become.

Your advantages:

  • Availability and Long running times secure
  • Warranty receive
  • Warranty periods extend (new installations)
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KÜBLER Efficiency increase

At KÜBLER, we work tirelessly to apply our efficiency concepts and ideas to the technically best possible level of the current time to bring it up to date. If you have opted for a hall heating system from us and have already been using it for some time, we will be happy to update your existing system to the latest state of the art. There are many options for this. For example, individual Replace components such as turbulators or reflectors or install our latest heating control system for the targeted optimization and saving of energy flows. Up to 15 % extra energy for the hot water supply can also be obtained from the Residual heat utilization draw.

Your advantages:

  • From leading Innovations benefit
  • Efficiency benefits use
  • Life cycle assessment optimize
  • Heating costs save
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KÜBLER Heating Service: Extended service life

KÜBLER hall heating systems are designed for durability. Our claim to Longevity and sustainability Accordingly, almost all of the systems that we installed 25 years ago are still in operation today. This is due to the high-quality workmanship of our appliances, the forward-looking annual service as well as spare parts reliability, including the possibility of replacing components and systems with new developments and thus generating greater savings.

Your advantages:

  • All-round carefree from heating season to heating season
  • Reliable Compliance with all regulations and legal provisions
  • Reduced life cycle costs
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KÜBLER Heating Service: Increased comfort

Because every hall has different special features, our flexibly deployable systems especially tailored to this. Starting with the extra sound insulation for event and exhibition rooms, the room air-independent fresh air supply for halls with contaminated room air through to the Any extension and conversion of your hall heating depending on the current conditions

Your advantages:

  • Spot illumination defined hall areas
  • Customized solutions for special types of halls (sports, events, etc.)
  • Simple customization to changed terms of use
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KÜBLER system testing and gas testing for your heating system

Heating systems are a long-term investment for which you need a reliable, goal-oriented long-term partner including system testing and gas testing. This is because important information and details about adaptations, spare parts and extensions are often missing if systems were installed some time ago. You can therefore rely on our qualified service staff, who will inspect your existing system as part of a system inspection. On request, we can also carry out the annual gas inspection of your heating system in accordance with TRGI 2018 or perform the pressure and leakage test for you. System documentation included.

Your advantages:

  • Overview about the current system configuration
  • Annual service, gas, pressure and leak testing from a single source
  • Current Plant documentation for certification according to ISO 50001
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Rely on reliability now and benefit from comprehensive service

For over 30 years, our heart has been beating for smart & energy-saving heating with long-term and sustainable benefits. With a view to the future, we therefore leave nothing to chance from the very first moment, but are fully committed to our products with a comprehensive range of services:
Planning & consulting
Every order, whether a small project or a highly complex industrial building, begins with an extensive planning and analysis phase in which we can provide you with the necessary security and transparency based on a solid factual foundation.
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Things then move more quickly in the implementation phase, where our highly qualified team of experts ensures the smooth commissioning of your new heating system.
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Original parts with manufacturer's warranty
Only KÜBLER original parts are used to ensure that all components are perfectly matched. Manufacturer's warranty included.
Regular, customer-oriented service
To ensure that you can rely on the safety, reliability and service life of our systems, we have established a close-knit service network for you in line with the motto "Proximity connects". For a regular, regional & professional service that ensures compliance with our quality standards.
Think long-term and rely on a comprehensive heating service. Simply contact our qualified service staff.
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KÜBLER hall heating systems
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Every hall is different. With more than 30 years of company history, there is hardly a requirement that is foreign to us. Together with our customers, we have implemented the right solutions. If you are ready to implement economically proven heating concepts for your hall, then you have come to the right place.
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