KÜBLER hall heating systems

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Modulation, remote control and energy-saving module. ParkOff, heating time extension and remote maintenance. Humidity control and interactive CAD plans. Expand your system as required with the smart modules.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

KÜBLER efficiency modules

Depending on the model, the control systems from KÜBLER are open to a wide range of practical additional functions. Expand your possibilities. Module by module. From remote control to humidity control. From ParkOff to party control: our smart efficiency modules have proven themselves in practice thousands of times over.
WinTec Monitor Verpackung

Wintec - Remote Control

The convenient remote control system from KÜBLER. For logging the system status and flexible control of your heating system. From any PC workstation.

  • Intelligent remote control system
  • Clear representation of the system status
  • Self-explanatory program structure
  • Aligned with Windows routines
  • Variable profile changes via PC
Grafik für das SmarTec Erweiterungsmodul für KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssteuerung CELESTRA

Smartec - Energy saving module

Optimizes the switch-on time of your heating system. Adapted to the respective ambient conditions.

  • Intelligent energy-saving module
  • Permanently analyzes the climatic conditions
  • Automatically calculates the optimum switch-on time
  • Adapts independently to structural changes
  • Reduces energy consumption
Grafik für das HygroTec Erweiterungsmodul für KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssteuerung CELESTRA

Hygrotec - Humidity module

The reliable protection system for quality storage of moisture-sensitive products.

  • Ideal for preventing condensation on stored goods
  • Automatic measurement and regulation of humidity values
  • Display of the relative room humidity (target and actual values)
  • Independent logging of room climate data and system status with WinTec
Grafik für das Tor-off- Erweiterungsmodul für KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssteuerung CELESTRA

Gate Off

Energy-saving heating with frequently opened doors.

  • Heating switches off automatically when the hall door is opened
  • Avoiding energy losses
  • Ideal for busy halls, e.g. in the logistics sector
Grafik für das Park-off- Erweiterungsmodul für KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssteuerung CELESTRA

Park Off

Prevents cranes from heating up - ideal for heating halls with crane runways under the ceiling.

  • Automatic shutdown of the heating when shaded by the indoor crane
  • Protecting the overhead crane from overheating
  • Avoiding energy losses
Grafik für das Party Steuerung Erweiterungsmodul für KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssteuerung CELESTRA, dass einzelne Heizzonen beliebig anpassen kann


Extra temperature at the touch of a button. Flexibilizes your heating system for additional shift operations.

  • Freely selectable additional target temperature
  • Simple adjustment - without changing the heating programming
  • Activation at the touch of a button, directly in the hall
* also known as heating time extension
KÜBLER control systems

Remote maintenance

You give KÜBLER direct access to your system via remote maintenance. Often a useful tool. This allows us to keep an eye on the status of your system. Can support your staff with operating recommendations. Respond quickly in the event of a fault. Run online analyses. And plan service calls in a more targeted manner.
Kraftwerk bei Sonnenuntergang

GLT interface

KÜBLER heating systems can be integrated into the existing building management system. Via CELESTRA or CELESTRA X. Just plug & play. Integration simplifies many things. The overall view of the building technology used, for example. The automation of protocols. The interconnection of different systems. Or controlling the building technology of decentralized company bases from a control center.
Grafik über Temperaturmodulation für Energieberater

The modulation:
Infinitely variable from 40 % to 100 %

In order to adapt the heating output of our systems even more specifically to current requirements, we have developed and now digitized our own technology. This opens up new possibilities for users of heating efficiency solutions in terms of range of applications and cost-effectiveness. With a range of 40 to 100 percent, the digitally controlled KÜBLER modulation covers what is probably the widest control range. And this with optimum combustion ratios (air-gas mixture). For even more comfort and convenience. Especially in low hall buildings.

  • Proven KÜBLER modulation
  • German patent DE 10 2006 026 867 B4
  • New: Digitized and can be integrated into control systems and BMS
  • Infinitely variable modulation from 40 % to 100 %
  • Available for almost all KÜBLER systems
  • Also suitable for collective gas flue systems
  • Can be retrofitted at any time
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Expansion options at a glance

Übersicht der einzelnen KÜBLER Hallenheizungssteuerungen und ihre Kompatibilität zu den Erweiterungsmodulen sowie der eigenen Anforderungen
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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