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KÜBLER hall heating systems

HeizWerk - rent highly efficient infrared hall heating easily

Would you like to minimize your energy consumption and opt for a modern and sustainable heating system? But you don't have the budget for the investment? Then HeizWerk is your solution. With this innovative service package from KÜBLER, you can rent your heating supply easily, quickly and safely.

With HeizWerk, you benefit from modern high-efficiency technology, 100 % security of supply over the entire life cycle of the heating system and you retain your entrepreneurial flexibility. Because with HeizWerk you save on investment and depreciation costs.

But the best thing is that the energy savings from our efficiency technologies are so high in the event of refurbishment that your costs are lower than before, despite the rental fee.
  • Energy-saving heating technology
  • Control and analysis software
  • Planning, engineering and realization
  • System operation
  • Maintenance
  • Availability guarantee


Too old, too unreliable, too expensive, too dirty - in many halls, heating systems are overdue for renovation. Industrial and commercial companies know why. No free budget, worries about interrupted production production processes, the uncertainty surrounding the new heating law. Now you will learn the solution: The smart rental concept from KÜBLER, which makes replacing your heating technology simple, economical and profitable - HeizWerk.
award dnp 2012 mit schriftzug


HeizWerk is a unique offer from KÜBLER. You benefit from it. Because behind the economical rental concept is the entire expertise of the innovation leader and leading expert for the climate-friendly heating of hall buildings. With 35 years of experience in the development, design and operation of sustainably efficient systems. The company has received numerous awards for its services and has a nationwide presence in Germany for a secure and reliable heat supply.


Decentralized IR technology is the heating technology of choice for halls. After all, hardly any heating principle is better tailored to the demanding conditions of these building giants. Highly efficient IR systems from KÜBLER set the benchmark for energy efficiency with energy savings of up to 70 %. And that is just one of their many advantages. You can easily meet the new GEG requirements* in almost any project. What's new: you can operate the latest generation of IR heaters from KÜBLER with renewable energies. With green electricity, H2 and other biogenic gases. A very economical way to achieve climate targets. Future-proof. Far beyond 2045.

§ 71m (energy efficiency in the overall system)
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  • Energy-saving heating technology
  • No financing and amortization
  • Immediate cost savings and liquidity improvement


  • Immediate reduction of CO2-emissions
  • Significant energy savings
  • Highly efficient, award-winning infrared heating technology


  • Reliable system availability
  • Budget and planning security
  • Comprehensive service network


  • State-of-the-art control and analysis software
  • Energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Transparency across all parameters in the heating process


  • Uniform room temperature and pleasant working climate
  • No dust turbulence or draughts
  • Analyses and heat reports at the touch of a button
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Renting hall heating - a very worthwhile decision both economically and commercially

HeizWerk means renting heat. Simply. Without investing in a new system. Without personnel and time expenditure. Because only a fixed rental price is charged. At prices that are usually significantly lower than the operating costs of the old system in the event of renovation. What does this mean for your company? With HeizWerk, you can significantly reduce your heating costs despite the rental fee and thus increase your liquidity. Right from the start.
Conclusion: A professional heat supply with HeizWerk is a smart business decision. Rent hall heating now!
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Renting hall heating - a very worthwhile decision both economically and commercially

Imagine that the gas, electricity and oil costs for your old hall heating system have so far cost you 455,000 euros and that maintenance, repairs and spare parts are an additional burden. Now imagine you were to rent the heat for heating your halls from HeizWerk at a fixed price. Everything would be included: from the modernization of the heating system to operation, maintenance, repairs and spare parts. That means: no time expenditure. No personnel costs. And no investment either. But best of all: the innovative, multi-award-winning KÜBLER technology significantly reduces your energy consumption.
And ensures that you reduce your heating costs. The result: instead of the previous 455,000 euros, you only have to pay 375,900 euros for gas purchases and rent. You gain a positive profit contribution of over 79,000 euros per year and no longer have to worry about maintenance.

The bottom line: HeizWerk improves your operating result with a professional heat supply. That is guaranteed.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

HeizWerk is a solution from KÜBLER

HeizWerk offers you a complete all-round carefree package - including all relevant services:

  • Competent heating technology advice
  • Actual recording and analysis
  • System design in line with requirements
  • Profitability and comparative calculations
  • Multi-award-winning high-efficiency technologies
  • Intelligent control and analysis software
  • Energy management system
  • Planning, engineering and realization also during operation
  • Maintenance, repair and spare parts
  • Continuous system optimization
  • Advice on energy purchasing
  • For new and existing buildings

The rental agreement for your new industrial heating system is transparent and clearly structured. This allows you to maintain an overview and your entrepreneurial flexibility. From preventive maintenance to the rectification of any faults or repairs, our services guarantee you a reliable heat supply. Use HeizWerk now and rent hall heating!


By the way: HeizWerk was nominated for the IKU in 2022. The "German Innovation Prize for Climate and the Environment" is awarded every two years by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection.

KÜBLER hall heating systems - MADE IN GERMANY -

Completely from a single source - the service portfolio

HeizWerk is professional heat supply from A to Z, because all services are bundled in the unique and innovative rental solution. This includes system technology and engineering as well as heating operation, services, spare parts and KÜBLER's availability guarantee.
Fast. Uncomplicated. Secure. And so far unique. HeizWerk is professional heat supply. From A for analysis of hall-specific energy flows to Z for absolute reliability in heating operation. Over the entire life cycle. All these services are bundled in HeizWerk. Into a single product. Heat.
Energy-saving heating technology
Control and analysis software
Planning, engineering, realization
System operation
Availability guarantee
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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