Heating with heavily polluted hall air

March 5, 2021
Workers in a metalworking workshop.

Dust-intensive work is not uncommon in production processes. It can become a burden - for people and for machines, such as the hall heating system. What should you pay attention to if you want to protect the health of your employees and at the same time benefit from the heating system for a long time? And is it possible to reconcile one with the other?

Infrared-based hall heating systems offer a proven solution here. This is because their radiant heat ensures a good indoor climate - without draughts or dust turbulence. This is an important health-related benefit, especially for dust-intensive work, such as metalworking or metalworking shops, because the hall atmosphere is not additionally polluted.

A leading concrete plant in Austria also appreciates another advantage: "A hall heating system that runs trouble-free in our dust-intensive production - that's what convinced us the most!" The durability of the infrared devices pays off, especially in a highly polluted atmosphere. Despite the heavy contamination, the hall heaters have been running trouble-free for many years thanks to their robust design.

Incidentally, infrared indoor heating systems are also interesting for companies from an economic and ecological point of view. This is because they often consume only a fraction of the energy of other heating systems. And that pays off. Thanks to their high energy efficiency, infrared hall heating systems can reduce costs by up to 70 % compared to conventional systems. Infrared hall heaters therefore pay for themselves in a short time.

If you would like to find out more about the dust-free and draught-free heating of hall buildings, simply contact us or read the full report here.

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