KÜBLER hall heating systems

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With state-of-the-art technology and an uncompromising commitment to environmental compatibility, we develop and produce hall heating systems that are not only energy-efficient, but also durable and reliable.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Energy-saving industrial heating - infrared convinces

Conventional industrial heating systems often have a problem in hall buildings: it gets particularly warm under the hall ceiling. Up there, too much of the expensive energy is wasted as unused warm air pockets. A modern infrared industrial hall heating system is more economical and efficient. This is probably the most efficient method of heating halls and specifically heats the areas where heat is actually needed. So you gain twice: through a pleasant working climate and up to 70 % energy and cost savings.
Flugzeughalle beheizt durch OPTIMA plus Hallenheizungen von KÜBLER
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Efficient heating - intelligent infrared heating for your industrial hall

When heating commercial buildings, the special heat requirements of halls intelligent solutions are required: For good reason, we make use of the advantages of infrared for our efficient industrial hall heating systems. Similar to the Heat principle of the sun an infrared-based industrial heating system heats with radiant heat instead of warm air. Unused warm air pockets under the hall ceiling can therefore not even arise for physical reasons. The heat comes exactly where it is neededfor people, machines and room settings. That makes them so pleasant and efficient.
  • Anwendungsbeispiel von KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssystemen im Produktionsbereich
  • Anwendungsbeispiel von KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssystemen im Produktionsbereich
  • Anwendungsbeispiel von KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssystemen im Produktionsbereich
  • Anwendungsbeispiel von KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssystemen im Produktionsbereich
  • Anwendungsbeispiel von KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssystemen im Produktionsbereich
  • Anwendungsbeispiel von KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssystemen im Produktionsbereich
  • Anwendungsbeispiel von KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssystemen im Produktionsbereich
  • Anwendungsbeispiel von KÜBLERs Hallenheizungssystemen im Produktionsbereich, mit Arbeitern, die optimal während der Arbeit aufgewärmt werden
  • Weitwinkelaufnahme einer Industriehalle von innen
KÜBLER hall heating systems

The advantages at a glance

  • Up to 70 % less energy consumption and CO2-emissions (compared to conventional systems)
  • Short heat-up times
  • Pleasant feeling of warmth
  • Dust and draught-free indoor climate
  • Low-noise heating operation
  • Robust industrial technology for sustainable and trouble-free operation
  • High operational reliability
  • Zone and workplace heating optional
  • Expandable as required
Industrielager mit Oberlicht und Metallkonstruktion.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Industrial hall heating for a good working atmosphere and satisfied employees

The infrared heating systems from KÜBLER provide Optimum heat distribution and pleasant working atmosphere in the hall - without draughts and harmful dust turbulence. Infrared heat is perceived as very pleasant due to its high level of thermal comfort. An advantage for the satisfaction of your employees, because a good room climate promotes motivation. The low-noise operation of the industrial heater also contributes to this. An important advantage of this heating system in production halls, but also in Event halls or Sports halls.
Innenansicht eines modernen Lagers.

Gaining flexibility zone by zone - the right industrial hall heating system

Short heat-up times and individual zone heating: two of the reasons for the High flexibility of an industrial hall heating system. You decide when and where to heat. You define the heating zones to suit the different work and usage areas in your hall building and control them as required. The desired heat output is achieved within a short time. This means that heating is only applied where it is actually needed, completely without heat loss. This is efficient and saves energy - ideal conditions for the economical and environmentally friendly heating of a production hall.
Mitarbeiter in moderner Industrieanlage.

Thermal comfort and employee satisfaction

Industrial heaters from KÜBLER heat with infrared. In this respect, they are similar to the heat principle of the sun. This means that, similar to the sun's rays, heat is only generated when the infrared rays hit bodies or objects. This happens almost without heating the air - completely evenly and draught-free. This means that neither dust turbulence nor heat build-up can occur. Infrared heat has a high level of thermal comfort and is perceived as very pleasant. An advantage for the satisfaction of your employees, because a good room climate increases motivation and reduces sick days. An important plus point in your production halls.
Anschauungsmaterial für Heizungsbauer, Logistikhalle mit OPTIMA plus Hallenheizung von KÜBLER

Low-noise hall heating for a good working atmosphere

Another plus point: Dark radiators from KÜBLER heat your commercial premises without high noise emissions. That means it stays quiet. Even at high heat output. An important detail for your employees. Working in a low-noise environment is more concentrated and more pleasant. This ensures better performance and greater efficiency.
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Your new industrial heating system: decentralized and space-saving

Infrared heaters from KÜBLER are decentralized heating systems. Space-saving under the ceiling installed, the industrial hall heating systems do not require a separate boiler room. The Saves space and avoids transportation losses via long pipes and the associated pumps. Decentralized systems are very flexible, can be individually controlled and can also be easily integrated into existing buildings at a later date. The ideal solution for any hall from a height of four meters.
Beleuchtete Ausstellungshalle mit langen Fenstern mit abgerundeten Enden und blauen Vorhängen

Heat commercial buildings and save energy sustainably

Up to 70 % energy savings is what KÜBLER industrial heating systems bring to the table. This is efficient, economical and environmentally friendly. This is because KÜBLER hall heating systems work through targeted heating particularly economical. They only work when they are needed, switch off when doors are opened and start up automatically in good time before the shift begins.

And you save money: the investment pays for itself after just two to five years. You also save many tons of CO2-emissions. We develop energy-saving heating technologies with the aim of, Sustainable and responsible with natural resources. And we have been doing so for 30 years. Environmental compatibility and efficiency are the core of our work - along the entire value chain. The results are impressive. Our products meet all the requirements of the GEG and therefore already meet tomorrow's requirements today.
Thomas Kübler, Geschäftsführer von KÜBLER GmbH Energiesparende Hallenheizungen

Sustainable. Environmentally friendly. KÜBLER.

We develop energy-saving heating technologies. With the aim of using natural resources sustainably and responsibly. And we have been doing so for 30 years. Environmental compatibility and efficiency are at the heart of our work - along the entire value chain. Our products only work when they are needed. Switch off when doors are opened. Start up automatically in good time before the shift begins. That is efficient. Economical. And environmentally friendly.
Ein Mann, der das Steuerungssystem "R.O.S.S.Y" der Firma KÜBLER GmbH zur Reglungsoptimierung von Hallenheizungssystemen, bedient

Individual control options for your industrial heating system

The best hall heating is only as good as the Digital heating controlwhich you use to control heating operation. This is where you define when, how, where and for how long heating is used. The most efficient way to do this is to use as much as necessary and as little as possible. Depending on the size of the system and your requirements, various solutions are available to you: from the control of one or two heating appliances to modular high-end systems for complex systems with different usage zones, integrated condensing boiler technology (Hybrid system) and the need for intelligent heat management functions. For real-time monitoring of the heating system, Comprehensive transparency about the current system operation and versatile analysis functions.

  • CELESTRA: The powerful generation digital control systems from KÜBLER. For additional energy savings and for self-explanatory, convenient control of your system operation.
  • E.M.M.A. Thermal management: With the intelligent Software tool analyze, archive, compare and document temperature curves, heating outputs and consumption data. Certified according to ISO 50001.
  • Profitability modules: Smart Control modulee with measurable effects. For example, less energy loss when the hall doors are open and many other benefits.
Find out more about our heating controls here
KÜBLER Mitarbeiter testet Hitzebelastung eines Prototypen

Trouble-free operation of your industrial heating system for a smooth process

Reliability plays a major role in production processes. Industrial hall heating systems in particular must be reliable and the Operational safety be guaranteed. This is a focus in the development of our products. In our quality assurance program, every process and every product is subjected to strict controls. Operational safety is guaranteed at all times with KÜBLER:

  • Exhaust gases do not enter the room, but are safely removed from the hall. discharged.
  • You can use the control unit at any time to Control about your heating.
  • And if you ever Spare parts need: Our service team with KÜBLER original parts is always close by.

Our products are Robust endurance runners over a life cycle of 10, 20 years and more. So that you end up with the best possible solution that you can rely on at all times.

Arbeiter in einer Halle schütteln sich zufrieden die Hände, im Hintergrund ist ein Deckenstrahler von KÜBLER Hallenheizungen angebracht

Safety first. High operational safety

Particularly important in your production hall - operational safety must be guaranteed at all times. No problem with our dark radiators. Exhaust gases do not enter the room. They are safely extracted from the hall. You have control over your heating at all times via the control system. And if you ever need spare parts: Our service team with KÜBLER original parts is always close by. Safety and reliability. Values you can always rely on with us.
Fachmarkt für Pflanzen mit OPTIMA plus Dunkelstrahler von KÜBLER,

Industrial heaters from KÜBLER - always a good investment

Solutions from KÜBLER pay off. For your budget and for the environment. Because the life cycle costs of a KÜBLER hall heating system are significantly lower than those of conventional heating devices. Due to the high energy savings the investment in a KÜBLER industrial heating system pays for itself in a short time - Your heating system will pay for itself in just a few years.

Solutions from KÜBLER are a future-proof investment. Because they already meet the highest efficiency requirements today. Because they are open to biogas and green hydrogen. And because their modular design allows them to be adapted to any future changes in the use of your hall.

Low life cycle costs, minimized energy consumption and future-proofing: these are the hallmarks of KÜBLER hall heating systems - for over a century. 30 years. Convince yourself of our quality. We look forward to your inquiry.
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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