Long-lasting heating systems ensure 40 % less energy costs at the Bähr car dealership

March 1, 2020

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"We've been saving on heating for 15 years"

Ludwigshafen. The workshop of the Bähr car dealership in Ludwigshafen has been equipped with KÜBLER infrared systems heated - smoothly and economically highly profitable. Owner Frank Bähr is more than satisfied.

"For us, KÜBLER means: low effort meets high efficiency."

The reason for the heating renovation in 2005 was the failure of the old oil heating system. The incident hit the Mercedes dealership Bähr in Ludwigshafen at the worst possible time in the middle of winter. 1,900 square meters of workshop space remained cold and could hardly be used. The solution lay directly across the street. This is where KÜBLER GmbH, a specialist in energy-saving hall heating systems, has its headquarters.

Frank Bähr, head of the Mercedes dealership, remembers the renovation of his heating system: "The top priority for me is the cost-effectiveness of a heating system. Our old oil system was very cost-intensive. That's why we researched possible alternatives to oil heating in detail. Dark radiators are one of the most economical solutions for hall heating. KÜBLER systems in particular are extremely energy-efficient and therefore also extremely economical. After a heating period with the then new heating systems, we made a financial comparison and the KÜBLER system more than paid for itself."

"We are completely satisfied with the heating systems from KÜBLER."

The infrared systems used at the Bähr dealership do not primarily heat the air in the room. Instead, the objects in the room and the floor are heated. The heating principle is similar to that of the sun. Even when the hall doors are open, resulting in a high air exchange rate, the heat remains where it is needed. Gone are the days when the heating system had to run seven days a week. The KÜBLER GmbH system only heats the areas that are actually needed. The enormous economic benefits also became apparent very quickly. Energy costs were reduced by 40 percent. The infrared systems are used at Autohaus Bähr both in the workshop and in the showroom area. Particularly in the latter, quiet operation and a stylish design are often additional criteria when purchasing hall heating.

Even if not decisive for the purchase in this case, the car dealership also benefits from these advantages of KÜBLER heating. There are special requirements in the Autohaus Bähr workshop. "We have extremely sensitive measuring instruments in our test rooms. Our heating system from KÜBLER guarantees the correct temperatures at all times, so that no inaccuracies can occur," says Frank Bähr.

"The service from KÜBLER is top."

Even after 15 years, Frank Bähr is still highly satisfied with his hall heating system. "The system has been running smoothly for years. We benefit from efficient heating, reduced costs and minimal effort. What more could you want?" Bähr is also delighted with the service provided by the hall specialist. He has known his contacts for a long time and knows that he can count on immediate support and optimum service. KÜBLER guarantees its customers as little effort as possible with maintenance and service calls. For example, when replacing wearing parts or for annual maintenance on request.

"I would use the high-performance systems from KÜBLER again at any time and would of course recommend them to others."

Frank Bähr knows that the state of the art in hall heating has evolved at an innovation-leading company like KÜBLER. However, he is not currently planning any retrofits. True to the motto "Never change a running system". The H.Y.B.R.I.D. system, for example, offers highly interesting and efficiency-maximizing measures that could be retrofitted without any problems. H.Y.B.R.I.D. uses the waste heat from the infrared radiators to heat adjacent office buildings or as domestic hot water.

Another exciting innovation is HEAT 4.0, which ensures consistent networking of the various production processes with the heating process. Just two of many technologies from KÜBLER that lead to energy savings of up to 70 % compared to conventional systems. "If one day our current heating systems stop working due to age, one thing is clear: I will turn directly to KÜBLER. There is no question in my mind that I would definitely recommend these systems to others," explains Frank Bähr.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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