KÜBLER hall heating systems


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KÜBLER hall heating systems

Heating control: Control your heating for efficiency

The most economical and cost-effective heating system is the one that only runs just as much as it is needed. As efficiency is at the heart of our infrared indoor heating systems, we have designed intelligent heating control systems that not only allow you to control each heating zone specifically, but also provide you with a helpful overview of energy flows and consumption thanks to real-time monitoring. Optimize processes and generate new savings potential with intelligent heating control from KÜBLER!
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Efficient heating control: Our control systems for heating systems

Depending on operational requirements, a different heating control system may be of interest. In order to guarantee you the best possible flexibility, we offer various systems and modules with which you can control your KÜBLER Infrared hall heating into an intelligent complete system.

CELESTRA - High-performance heating control system

CELESTRA is more. More performance, more versatility, more convenience - more than just a digital control system. CELESTRA is the newly developed and multi-patented control cockpit from KÜBLER, which combines the groundbreaking possibilities of digitalization with pioneering functionalities and analysis options. The modular system architecture can be configured as required and integrated into the BMS and other higher-level system environments. Simple and intuitive to operate, the smart heating control system optimizes the operation of your heating system and minimizes energy consumption. For a significant reduction in your energy costs and ecological footprint.

  • Connects and digitalizes your heating processes
  • Maximizes the energy efficiency of your infrared indoor heaters
  • One View - all operating statuses at a glance
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Modular concept for needs-based configuration
  • Flexibly expandable
  • Can be retrofitted in almost all KÜBLER systems
Find out more about Celestra heating control here

E.M.M.A. - certified energy management

E.M.M.A. is the Energy Monitoring & Management Application for your infrared hall heating system. In other words: the energy management system from KÜBLER. Your key to the new world of digital hall heating. The smart module of the CELESTRA heating control system monitors, analyzes and documents every operating hour, every temperature curve and every kilowatt hour of consumption for you. This gives you completely new insights into your heating process. Into every single infrared hall heater in your energy-saving heating system.

  • Certified energy management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Complete transparency of all relevant parameters in the heating process
  • Heat report at the touch of a button
  • Flexible retrofitting
Find out more about the E.M.M.A heating control software here

E*Control - solid entry-level solution for your hall heating system

If you are looking for a simple and intuitive entry-level model for heating control, our E*Control is the right choice for you. As a reliable heating control assistant, the solid solution from KÜBLER offers you reliable control functions with its day, night, week and frost protection programs. With the E* control system, you can reduce your energy consumption in one or two heating zones.

  • Reliable heating control for small to medium-sized heating systems
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Setting day, night, weekly and frost protection programs
  • Open for additional functions such as SmarTec or party control.
Find out more about E*Control here

Highly functional and extremely clever - the extension modules

Heating control systems from KÜBLER are efficiency experts. Specialists in tapping all potential savings in your hall building and adapting the output of your heating system to your individual requirements in a highly flexible manner. This is precisely why you have a wide range of additional modules at your disposal with which you can supplement your heating control system as required. These include stepless modulation, the BMS interface and other clever tools. For example these:

  • WinTec: the convenient option for remote heating control
  • SmarTec: the module for automatically optimizing the switch-on time of your heating system
  • HygroTec: the solution for coils and other moisture-sensitive stored goods
  • TorOff: prevents energy loss when the doors are open
  • ParkOff: the tool for halls with crane runways under the ceiling
  • Party control: makes heating operation more flexible for additional shifts
  • Modulation: the module for even more targeted adjustment of the heating output
  • and many more
Find out more about our extension modules

Resource optimization for your hall heating systems - R.O.S.S.Y.®

R.O.S.S.Y. ® is the resource-optimizing heating control system for economical and energy-efficient heating operation. The proven heating control system can be used flexibly in all hall buildings and offers a wide range of intelligent functions - from automatic optimization of the switch-on time to control of individual heating zones. The self-learning heating control system can be expanded modularly and in line with requirements.

  • Transparency of the relevant operating and consumption data
  • Simple programming of day and night temperatures, public holidays and vacation times
  • Simple and intuitive operating concept
  • Can be flexibly retrofitted for almost any infrared heating system
Find out more about the Heinzugssteuerung R.O.S.S.Y. here.

TNW Digital - Heating control for small systems

With its day/night/week program, the TNW Digital system offers an entry into the world of digital heating control. With numerous functions, TNW Digital offers you the basis for reliable control of one or two heating appliances.

  • Digital ease of use for small heating systems
  • Various modes such as day/night, automatic or frost protection
  • Affordable and reliable
Find out more about the TNW Digital heating control system here
KÜBLER hall heating systems

Get the full potential out of your hall heating now

Did you know that you can reduce energy consumption by around 20 % through optimized operation alone? Use the full savings potential of your efficient heating solution with intelligent heating control. After all, it's like a car: you determine consumption with your driving style. Modern, digital heating controls also give you an overview of the relevant parameters of your heating process and allow you to optimize accordingly. Take a look at our concept of Digital hall heaters and discover the potential of one of our high-performance and fully integrated hybrid systems. Now with an intelligent heating control system for the most energy-saving Hall heating solution care!
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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