KÜBLER hall heating systems

CELESTRA - Seeing heating control with new eyes

The control unit for maximum energy efficiency
KÜBLER hall heating systems

The future of efficiently controlled hall heating systems? Looks good

There is something that will make you look at modern large room heating with new eyes. A control system that isn't one. Because it goes far beyond what you have come to expect from digital system controls. We call it CELESTRA. The intelligent control cockpit from KÜBLER.
Moderne Heizungssteuerung an der Wand.

Open your eyes - here are the new benefits

  • Maximizes transparency and energy efficiency in hall heating operation
  • One View - all operating statuses at a glance
  • High-resolution full-color display
  • Ergonomic one-handed operation
  • Simple, intuitive operating concept
  • Innovative burner diagnostics
  • Modular system architecture
  • Configurable as required, expandable at any time
  • Can be integrated into your BMS and PC world
  • Developed to support your efficiency targets, e.g. in accordance with the GEG Building Energy Act or ISO 50001
  • Downward compatible and retrofittable in almost all KÜBLER systems
Kübler Energiemanagementsystem in Industrieumgebung

See through more - get even more out of it

Heating control should always be the responsibility of those who have a business interest. After all, there is enormous potential for savings in the heating process. The trick is to harness it. More consistently than ever before. One of the most important requirements for the new generation of digital control systems was therefore to create transparency. For every hour of operation. Every temperature curve. Every kilowatt hour of consumption. In short: about the entire system operation. As a result, CELESTRA has become more than just the most modern control system from KÜBLER's development department. Patented several times over. A high-performance cockpit to operate every heating system at maximum efficiency.
Mann, der ein modernes Heizungssteuerungssystem zur Maximierung der Energieeffizienz im Hallenheizungsbetrieb bedient

So much intelligence - so easy to use

Form follows function - the fact that CELESTRA has been consistently developed according to this principle is obvious at first glance. At the touch of a button, the new control system shows you all operating statuses. One View via color display. The menu navigation? As simple and intuitive as a smartphone. The arrangement of the few operating elements? Ergonomically designed. Everything to make heating control even more relaxed. And you have more time for other tasks. By the way: Alternatively, the powerful control system can be operated via PC. In both cases, it's child's play. We call this operation without operating instructions. After all, this is another feature of a truly intelligent system.
KÜBLER hall heating systems

How the new efficiency class drives

Innovative functionalities - at CELESTRA, they are focused on one goal: To keep the heating on the ideal line. To really avoid any unnecessary energy consumption. How do the many smart ideas in our latest generation of controls work?

The answer: by significantly reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. And through highly relevant cost savings. Depending on the system, up to the six-figure range. To achieve this, we got to the bottom of the heating process. We examined every component. The result is CELESTRA. The best heating control system to date. For the entire KÜBLER product world.
CELESTRA and CELESTRA X - the standard functions

CELESTRA in a nutshell

  • Control according to temperature and humidity
  • Display of set and actual values per heating zone
  • 20 heating times per week and heating zone can be set
  • Operating and fault display for appliances and collective exhaust fan
  • Display of the operating mode (day, night, vacation, party, service)
  • Vacation operation
  • Seven-day protocol
  • Operating hours display
  • Protection against unintentional operation

See below what happens above - burner diagnostics innovation

The patented burner diagnosis is a completely new function in CELESTRA. This is because the intelligent analysis tool sees what is happening at the top of the burner at the bottom of the control unit. It detects any faults. Provides detailed analyses via the WinTec module. And accelerates targeted service planning and deployment.
Nahaufnahme von zwei Mitarbeitern, die Kabel eines Heizungssystems überprüfen

Connecting to the future - another contribution from KÜBLER to reducing costs

The cabling of control systems is a serious cost factor. Especially for large systems. We wanted to reduce this cost factor.

And have designed our latest CELESTRA control system with optimized bus technology. Which saves more than half the cables. And CELESTRA X? This is our new solution wherever star cabling makes sense. For smaller systems, for example. Or if existing cabling is to be used. The choice is yours.
KÜBLER hall heating systems
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