Rent hall heating? How to solve the budget problem and save money!

August 4, 2021
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Outdated hall heating systems lead to horrendous heating costs and pollute the environment. Nevertheless, many operators are reluctant to invest in modernization. One possible solution: simply rent the hall heating - heat-as-a-service!

 Germany is one of the world's leading industrial locations. Over seven million employees generate a fifth of the national value added. However, the sector is also energy-hungry. Around 28 percent of Germany's final energy consumption is accounted for by industry, according to the Federal Ministry of Economics. The problem: more than half of the approximately 420,000 to 480,000 industrial and large halls in Germany use heating systems* that are technically outdated and unnecessarily pollute the environment with many millions of tons of CO2 burden. They burn tons of energy every winter.

A waste that not only eats a hole in the operator's wallet, but also jeopardizes the German government's climate protection goals. As part of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement, the German government has committed to taking steps to limit global warming to 1.5 °C if possible, but to below 2 °C in any case. The country therefore wants to reduce its net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2045 and thus become climate-neutral. However, it will hardly be possible to achieve this goal with old heating technology in industrial buildings and large halls. More energy-efficient solutions are needed.

Heat-as-a-Service: Why buy hall heaters when you can rent them?

The question now arises: if outdated heating technology causes unnecessary energy costs and thus reduces the profits and future viability of industrial companies, why don't those responsible simply invest in modern systems? The answer: Because they often fear that high investment costs will be incurred and that modernization will take years. Many companies also simply don't have the budget. Either because investments are primarily made in the production process. Or because corona is putting the brakes on savings. In addition, investment often seems unattractive to those responsible, as depreciation reduces company profits. That's why many companies bite the bullet and put the issue of heating modernization on the back burner. A resignation that need not be. Because there is a cost-saving alternative to buying a new hall heating system. Similar to software that companies use in the cloud without having to buy it (Software-as-a-Service), industrial companies can rent modern hall heating systems without having to own them outright. Heating-as-a-Service, so to speak.

The advantages of renting hall heating are obvious: there are no investment costs and therefore no need for depreciation. In addition, users do not have to invest resources in planning, operating and maintaining the system. Because all this is included in the rental system.

Infrared heaters - efficiency miracle among hall heaters  

Why infrared heaters? Because they are currently among the most efficient technologies for hall heating. They are particularly effective because their operating principle differs fundamentally from conventional heating systems. Infrared heaters, also known as dark radiators, do not heat the air per se. Instead, they generate electromagnetic waves that are converted into heat as soon as they hit a solid object. The advantage: operators do not heat into the blue, but only the area of use of the hall, which usually ends at a height of around two meters. The air above this area remains unaffected.

In addition, infrared heaters are significantly more responsive than conventional systems that work with water. As infrared heaters do not require a heat transfer medium, they can be switched on and off almost as quickly as light. As a result, they can adapt to changing heat requirements in everyday life without delay - for example, when doors are opened. A strategy that saves energy. Heating costs can be reduced by up to 70 percent with modern infrared heaters and intelligent control systems. Without compromising on comfort. On the contrary. People find the warmth of an infrared system particularly pleasant because it is similar to the natural heating principle of the sun.

When renting hall heating systems, the rental costs are often significantly lower than the operating costs of the old system

And how much does it cost to rent your hall heating? No two halls are the same. And providers adapt offers to individual requirements. It is therefore not possible to make any general statements. However, the rental prices for a modern hall heating system are usually significantly lower than the operating costs of the old system due to the reduced energy consumption costs, as a practical example shows.

A company in Laubach is one of the beneficiaries of our HeizWerk rental system. The provider of warehouse logistics solutions has been heating its production halls and warehouses with warm air blowers for the last 40 years - originally with oil, and since 2010 via a local heating network. However, despite the modernization, the operators were no longer satisfied with the efficiency of the system and were confronted with a cost block that was too high. However, this changed abruptly with the switch to a rented infrared heating system from KÜBLER.

The experts installed the infrared heating line in the steel production hall OPTIMA plus 40 - a step that has exceeded all expectations in Laubach. Heat consumption was reduced by 57 percent - from 3,553,977 kWh per year to 1,528,448 kWh. The electricity consumption of the heating-related components was reduced by almost 96 percent. The bottom line for the company is a cost saving of over 45,000 per year. And this is after deducting the rental costs and without having to make any investment of its own.

The model is not only easy on the wallet, but also strengthens the company's image. Many users who rent a modern hall heating system position themselves as companies that care about the environment and the well-being of future generations.

The advantages are obvious - now the decision is up to you

Hundreds of thousands of euros in heating costs shoot up the chimney. This is the reality for thousands of operators of industrial and large halls in Germany who are stuck with outdated heating systems. Put your investments to the test and save money by renting a hall heating system. At the same time, you will contribute to increasing the far too low renovation rate in Germany, without which the energy transition will hardly be feasible. We will be happy to advise you without obligation!


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