Energy-efficient hall heating renovation is a dena lighthouse project

October 27, 2023
Industriehalle mit Hallenheizung von KÜBLER

How to save 3.7 million kWh - almost 70 percent! - energy can be saved? This is demonstrated by the joint project of hall heating specialist KÜBLER and Höganäs Germany GmbH (formerly H.C. Starck) at the Laufenburg site near the Swiss border.

For dena, this is a flagship project, which the German Energy Agency has published on its new website as an example of good practice and which you can find under this link: Laufenburg Kübler - Energy Efficiency Award

The major energy refurbishment at Höganäs is extraordinary - in more ways than one. The scope, complexity and ultimately the results alone are impressive. The aim of the energy refurbishment measure was the technical conversion of the entire plant to a modern, decentralized, IR heat supply. A total of seven building areas covering a total area of almost 12,000 square meters were affected.

The entire site is now heated with energy-saving KÜBLER technology. In areas of the complex building stock with special requirements, such as low floor heights and interior rooms, additional heating and ventilation technologies were implemented.
The new heating system integrates all heat flows in the halls, including the existing heat recovery from the compressor system.

The entire system is controlled, monitored and analyzed via the KÜBLER CELESTRA control system and the E.M.M.A. heat management module. Gas meters and electricity consumption are recorded and evaluated there, with special interfaces programmed by KÜBLER.
KÜBLER implemented the heating project including financing through the HeizWerk rental concept, which meant that no investment costs were incurred. The combined rental and consumption costs are lower than the previous energy costs, which makes the project economical. The innovative rental model enables energy-efficient heating even on a tight budget. The measures have saved 3.7 million kWh of energy, or around 70 %, which represents a significant contribution to the energy transition.


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