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  • Energy efficiency 2.0: AI revolution in hall heating technology

    At the BVMUV's Future Day for SMEs on March 13, KÜBLER, the specialist for climate-friendly hall heating systems, presents the first results of the joint AI pilot project as part of the Green-AI Hub Mittelstand to Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke.
  • "Innovations are made in the SME sector!"

    State Secretary Mario Brandenburg, Member of the Bundestag, in conversation with Thomas Kübler, Dr. Steffen Manser (KÜBLER GmbH) and Prof. Dr. Matthias Rädle (CeMOS) on the subject of research, development and what is needed to reduce CO2 in industry and commerce.
  • KÜBLER is the winner of the Future Prize 2024

    Berlin, 14.03.2024 The energy-flexible new development FUTURA from hall heating specialist KÜBLER is the winner of the BVMW Future Prize 2024. Founder and Managing Director Thomas Kübler accepted the award in front of around 6,000 participants at the BVMW Future Day at Station-Berlin. 
  • KÜBLER nominated for important business award "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" 2024

    The hall heating specialist KÜBLER GmbH has been nominated in the "Premier" category for the "Großer Preis des Mittelstands" 2024. Another great success for the medium-sized, innovation-driven company based in Ludwigshafen am Rhein.
  • PLUS X Award for FUTURA multi-energy IR hall heating system

    Ludwigshafen, February 2024: FUTURA also impresses the renowned PLUS X Award jury! The "masterpiece of heating technology" received the highest recognition from the expert judges in five out of seven categories: Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality. This award underlines the groundbreaking innovation, outstanding quality, aesthetic elegance, intuitive operation and versatile functionality that make the FUTURA a pioneer in the industry. With the FUTURA, KÜBLER has ushered in a new era of hall heating - one that sets standards and plays a key role in shaping the future of heating technology." - said the jury laudation for the PLUS X AWARD.
  • KÜBLER employees donate 500 euros to the Ludwigshafen food bank

    Ludwigshafen, January 2024: The food bank in Bayreuther Straße is delighted to receive a donation cheque from the employees of KÜBLER, the specialist for energy-saving hall heating systems. They not only wanted to use the Christmas party to bring the old year to a cheerful close together with the entire workforce, but also to think about people who need support. To this end, they organized a raffle with over 100 prizes, including an iPhone as the main prize, which was provided by the company. This raised almost 500 euros. The food bank is delighted.
  • High-ranking visit to KÜBLER - Minister of Economic Affairs Daniela Schmitt at the Hidden Champion

    The topics are as topical as they were in May, when Minister of Economic Affairs Daniela Schmitt presented the prestigious Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award to KÜBLER at the award ceremony. For FUTURA, the multi-energy-capable hall heating system with integrated lighting function. The company visit to the hidden champion and innovation leader for climate-friendly hall heating technology was therefore prepared well in advance. On Thursday, the Minister of Economic Affairs met with the Managing Director of the Innovation Agency Sabine Mesletzky and Managing Director Thomas Kübler at the company's site in Ludwigshafen.
  • Energy-efficient hall heating renovation is a dena lighthouse project

    How to save 3.7 million kWh - almost 70 percent! - energy can be saved? This is demonstrated by the joint project of hall heating specialist KÜBLER and Höganäs Germany GmbH (formerly H.C. Starck) at the Laufenburg site near the Swiss border. For dena, this is a flagship project that the German Energy Agency is publishing on its new website as an example of good practice.
  • KÜBLER and Eickhoff - nominated for dena's Energy Efficiency Award!

    "Achieving more together! Energy services as enablers of the energy transition" - this is the motto under which the heating refurbishment of Eickhoff Maschinenbau GmbH with highly efficient infrared hall heaters from KÜBLER was convincing: the jury of the Energy Efficiency Award nominated the joint large-scale project on the Eickhoff company premises in Bochum for the coveted award of the German Energy Agency dena.
  • KÜBLER main sponsor at the Parliamentary Evening - Robert Habeck as guest

    Berlin, September 2023: Energy efficiency is a key pillar of the energy transition - and a topic that all three are committed to: Thomas Kübler, specialist for energy-saving hall heating systems, Dr. Robert Habeck, head of the BMWK, and the German Business Initiative for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF).
  • What's next for the Heating Act?

    Ludwigshafen, August 2023: Konrad Stockmeier, FDP member of the Bundestag from Mannheim, is a member of the Bundestag Committee for Climate Protection and Energy and his parliamentary group's rapporteur for the Building Energy Act (GEG), the so-called "Heating Act". He was involved in the negotiations on the GEG and is therefore familiar with this law. On Friday, he visited Thomas Kübler, founder and managing partner of KÜBLER GmbH, in Ludwigshafen. With his expertise as a specialist in large-capacity heating systems, the entrepreneur has been campaigning for months for commercial and industrial hall buildings to be given greater consideration in the GEG.
  • What contribution does KÜBLER make to the energy transition?

    Ludwigshafen, August 2022: As the energy policy spokesman for the Green Party parliamentary group in Rhineland-Palatinate, Fabian Ehmann has KÜBLER on the agenda for his summer trip. Together with his party colleagues from Ludwigshafen, Hans-Uwe Daumann (parliamentary group chairman and supervisory board member of TWL), Regina Keßler (board member) and Diethelm Messinger (treasurer), he visited the Ludwigshafen-based hall heating specialist to get an idea of the latest developments for the climate-friendly heating of industrial and commercial halls. And, of course, the heating law was also on the agenda.
  • Traditional gymnastics club 1860 Mußbach e.V. enjoys the new feeling of warmth thanks to KÜBLER hall heating systems

    Turnverein Mußbach e.V. is a traditional sports club with a long history. Since it was founded in 1860, it has got a large number of people of all ages and backgrounds moving and now has over 1,200 members. In order to meet the demands and needs of its members, the decision was made to replace the club's outdated heating system.
  • FUTURA honored at FOCUS OPEN

    The multi-energy IR hall heating system with integrated lighting function has already won its fourth design award in prestigious competitions for innovation and its valuable contribution to the energy transition.
  • FUTURA wins the German Innovation Award!

    As of today, it's clear: the world first from KÜBLER has won its third award! Following the SUCCESS 2022 Technology Award and the Rhineland-Palatinate 2023 Innovation Award, the innovative FUTURA multi-energy IR heating system for the climate-friendly and economical heating of hall buildings has now been recognized in the "Winner" category of the German Innovation Award 2023.
  • Company visit to KÜBLER GmbH in Ludwigshafen

    Minister President Malu Dreyer: Rhineland-Palatinate is an attractive location with a home and future for many strong, imaginative companies
  • World first wins Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award. FUTURA heats halls for the energy transition: With electricity, with hydrogen, with gas.

    Kaiserslautern. Heating and lighting industrial and commercial buildings in a climate-neutral way - that is "excellent", according to the jury of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, which awarded the prestigious innovation prize to KÜBLER GmbH from Ludwigshafen. With this award, the state honours the immediately implementable and economical contribution to decarbonization in industrial heat supply through the FUTURA multi-energy system. KÜBLER GmbH has been developing heating systems for halls for more than three decades, employs 130 people and has built up proven expertise with its own R&D unit. This is already the fourth innovation award in the company's history.
  • Heating halls economically in the energy transition

    How can the heating challenges of hall buildings be mastered in the energy transition? The answer to this question inspired many trade fair visitors and gave hope for a pragmatic, technologically sensible and at the same time very economical solution to the 65%-EE question. In Hall 12.1 B19, the innovation leader for highly efficient infrared heaters presented three groundbreaking world firsts: FUTURA, FUTURA cool and MAXIMA E-Hybrid. 
  • Innovative heating systems for the energy transition: KÜBLER presents three world firsts at the ISH 2023

    The German government wants 65% renewable energy from 2024. "It can have it," says Thomas Kübler, founder and Managing Director of KÜBLER GmbH from Ludwigshafen. The hall heating specialist is presenting its latest developments and world firsts at the ISH. These are three systems that enable companies to save money and play their part in the energy transition.
  • Pioneering hall heating system nominated for the German Innovation Award 2023

    The FUTURA multi-energy infrared heating system from hall heating expert KÜBLER has been nominated for the German Innovation Award. As one of the products, technologies and services that break new, innovative ground and offer solutions that stand out due to their added value for users and the environment.
  • "We must remain open to technology": Creating the energy transition - Verena Hubertz MP appeals to business and politics

    "It is important to me that we do not commit ourselves to one technology now, we must remain open to technology, we must be united in our goal," says Verena Hubertz MP. The deputy leader of the SPD parliamentary group appealed on Friday in Trier for common sense and reason in the implementation of the energy transition. "We have a very exciting example here in Trier, [...]
  • Peter Altmaier: "We will lose if we play climate protection and the economy off against each other"

    "Climate protection is the most important task of our time," said Peter Altmaier in Trier on Friday. In his keynote speech, the former Federal Minister of Energy "urgently recommends that we don't go either way, but set the course in such a way that we can safely achieve the climate targets. Otherwise, we will sin against the younger generation and cause economic costs that [...]
  • Heating innovations for the energy transition. For halls.

    KÜBLER presents world firsts for the sustainable and economical heating of industrial, commercial and municipal buildings at ISH 2023.
  • Energy transition: "We need technological openness and planning security" - New funding guidelines announced

    Dresden. The energy transition will occupy Germany like no other topic in the new year. The German government is committed to a 65 percent target for renewable energies, which in the view of entrepreneurs seems neither sensible nor achievable. "We have been developing heating systems for 34 years and know that The most economical heating system is the one we don't need," says Thomas [...]
  • Amendment to the Building Energy Act: FDP announces switch from energy efficiency to emission efficiency

    It is only a small segment, but of great importance: in the current discussion about the energy transition, industrial buildings are being neglected. They only make up two percent of the building stock in Germany. However, they are responsible for around 15 percent of building-related energy consumption and the associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In the current Building Energy Act (GEG), however, industrial buildings are treated in the same way as [...]
  • Energy turnaround: World innovation honored in Mainz

    FUTURA heats industrial halls regardless of the energy source - special award "Innovative technologies for climate protection" in the SUCCESS technology competition Mainz. While Germany is discussing the energy transition, KÜBLER GmbH from Ludwigshafen has already delivered. FUTURA is the name of the latest invention from the experts for hall heating systems - and it works regardless of the energy source: the infrared heating system for halls uses hydrogen, electricity, gas or [...]
  • Group of business people in the foyer.

    Green members of the state parliament Dr. Bernhard Braun and Fabian Ehmann at KÜBLER in Ludwigshafen

    Ludwigshafen, August 2022 - An important visit to KÜBLER in Ludwigshafen: Dr. Bernhard Braun (Chairman of the Bündnis90/Grünen parliamentary group), Fabian Ehmann (Spokesman for Economy & Start-ups, Europe & One World, Youth and Forest Policy) and Hanna Thiele (personal assistant) met with the Ludwigshafen-based hall heating specialist and hidden champion in the Palatinate. They discussed the currently highly topical issues of the energy transition, energy efficiency, legislation and the questions: "What distinguishes halls from residential buildings, offices or daycare centers? And why do they need special technologies for efficient and low-CO2 heating?"
  • KÜBLER and Kapital 1852 join forces for a CO2-free future

    KÜBLER is the trademark for innovative energy-saving solutions for hall heating systems. A growing stock of hall heating systems in need of renovation, increasing regulatory requirements to achieve climate targets and rising raw material prices are long-term growth drivers in the market for energy-saving heating systems. In order to tap into the high growth potential and expand the company's leadership and expansion ambitions, KÜBLER has opted for [...]
  • Research seal "Innovative through research" for KÜBLER

    The "Innovative through research" seal is awarded to research-based companies that are committed to a strong innovation location in Germany with their development work. KÜBLER is once again one of these companies and has been awarded the prestigious seal. KÜBLER has been one of the pioneers of energy-saving hall heating systems for more than 30 years. In hall buildings with high ceilings, the infrared heaters from KÜBLER with [...]
  • KÜBLER nominated for the German Innovation Award for Climate and Environment 2022

    The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection has been honoring the commitment of industry and research to climate and environmental protection for many years with the IKU - the German Innovation Award for Climate and the Environment. The 21 nominees include many big names as well as a medium-sized company: KÜBLER GmbH from Ludwigshafen. Specializing in the development of energy-saving [...]
  • Hidden champion in the Palatinate 2022

    KÜBLER GmbH, a specialist in energy-saving hall heating systems and one of the protagonists on the road to climate neutrality, is one of the "hidden heroes" in Rhineland-Palatinate. There are 1,300 to 1,650 hidden champions in Rhineland-Palatinate*. Only 23 of these have found a place in the publication "Hidden Champions in the Palatinate". One of the silent market leaders is once again the company KÜBLER [...]
  • "The energy-saving hall heating saves our club 47 %."

    The Grün-Weiss Mannheim e.V. tennis club relies on innovative heating technology and the use of residual heat in its halls - a smart decision that pays off for the successful traditional club. The traditional Grün-Weiss Mannheim club is one of the largest tennis clubs in Baden. The club has two of its own tennis halls and thus offers continuous training opportunities for its players. The heating of the two [...]
  • This is how the future heats

    Energy-saving hall heating systems - KÜBLER presents its innovative high-efficiency technologies at ISH digital 2021 Using energy smartly and efficiently, planning and investing for the future, digitizing processes, meeting climate targets and GEG, reducing CO2 tax, meeting the requirements of the future today - and all this with maximum technology and investment security: these are the challenges in heating today [...].
  • New law highlights the efficiency of decentralized infrared heating systems - GEG comes into force on 01.11.

    Ludwigshafen, August 2020 | Decentralized infrared radiant heating systems are the technology of choice in tall buildings with ceiling heights of over 4 meters. Here, they are often functionally superior to alternative heating systems. Their efficiency is so high that they have been able to exceed climate protection requirements for years, even without the integration of renewable energies. They also offer clear advantages in terms of investment costs, as studies have shown. With the entry into force of the GEG, high-efficiency technologies such as decentralized infrared heating systems are finally finding their way into legislation.
  • The end of the chaos - Bundestag passes Building Energy Act (GEG)

    Ludwigshafen, 19.06.2020 | The Building Energy Act, or GEG for short, has long been eagerly awaited. The uniform, coordinated set of regulations for the energy requirements for new buildings, existing buildings and the use of renewable energies to supply heating and cooling to buildings is intended to bring together various laws on building energy efficiency and heat use. And thus significantly simplify the previously highly complex and difficult to understand landscape of energy-saving legislation for building owners and planners. Drafts of the law have been available since 2017. After endless postponements over legislative periods, the GEG was passed yesterday in the Bundestag.
  • Starting signal for the hall heating of the future

    55 percent less CO2 emissions by 2030, 80 to 95 percent by 2050 - these are the German government's targets for the building sector. In addition to residential and office buildings, there is also a great need for industrial buildings (production halls, etc.). In this area, the heating systems from the Ludwigshafen-based infrared specialist KÜBLER already meet the requirements of the next decade. A joint research project between KÜBLER and the Technical University of Kaiserslautern entitled InfraEff now promises the decisive innovative step on the 2050 stage. Supported and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research - BMBF. The cooperation partners met in Ludwigshafen on March 13 to kick off the project.
  • Long-lasting heating systems ensure 40 % less energy costs at the Bähr car dealership

    "We've been saving on heating for 15 years" Ludwigshafen. The workshop of the Bähr car dealership in Ludwigshafen has been heated with KÜBLER infrared systems for 15 years - smoothly and economically highly profitable. Owner Frank Bähr is more than satisfied.
  • Heating with perspective

    High halls - high energy consumption. It's worth taking a closer look. If you want to know where energy is being wasted, you need transparency. A clear view of whether and where heat is being wasted and thus causing unnecessarily high costs and emissions. By leaving hall doors open for too long, for example. By heating unused hall areas. Or through suboptimal heating times. A smart tool from the hall heating specialist KÜBLER now provides clarity: the E.M.M.A. heat management system, which ensures reduced costs, less CO2 and greater efficiency in industrial heating processes.
  • How can 30 to 70 % of heating costs and CO2 be saved? - Quite simply.

    Food. Climate protection is a hot topic - and not just since Greta Thunberg. Hall heating specialist and efficiency expert KÜBLER will be demonstrating the immense energy and CO2 savings potential that can be achieved in the heating of hall buildings alone. It will be presenting its high-efficiency solutions at SHK Essen from March 10-13.
  • KÜBLER plants 1,000 trees for climate protection

    Ludwigshafen. KÜBLER employees have been committed to environmental protection for 30 years. From the very beginning, the leading manufacturer of hall heating systems has focused on energy saving, CO2 reduction and sustainability. Now KÜBLER is donating 1,000 trees for environmental protection.
  • New hall heating - zero investment

    KÜBLER offers an investment-free rental model for heating halls with its heating plant
  • The new one pays off. Renting the new hall heating saves Dexion energy and €45,000 in heating costs.

    Outdated heating technology in hall buildings is expensive and energy-intensive. However, modernization is complex and associated with investment costs. Dexion has found a new and convenient solution to the problem of modernization. The world's leading specialist for warehouse logistics solutions relies on the latest service product from KÜBLER - HeizWerk. And is now benefiting from the advantages of modern infrared heating technology. These include: high energy efficiency, reliable heat supply, a clean, draught-free working environment and reduced heating costs. Without any investment on your part.
  • Refurbishing hall heating can be costly. Or simple and lucrative.

    The old hall heating system consumes too much energy, emits too much CO2 and is becoming increasingly unreliable. Good reasons to finally tackle heating modernization and replace the old system with a modern, energy-efficient one. But the expense seems high and is often shied away from. Yet today there are alternative solutions that can also be very interesting economically.
  • Nominated for the 2019 Grand Prix for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

    The Großer Preis des Mittelstandes is one of the special awards that KÜBLER has already received. The specialist for energy-efficient hall heating technologies has also already been recognized with the coveted badge of honour. For KÜBLER, this nomination is about the last two opportunities to go one better for Germany's most coveted business award: to be named Premier or Premier Finalist in the Grand Prix for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.
  • Gas can be green. How climate protection targets can be achieved and made affordable.

    Gas is decentralized, flexible, can be stored efficiently and is inexpensive. The energy source is a guarantee for the success of the energy transition. Ten associations from the gas industry have joined forces and formulated an appeal for the climate protection plan, explaining why gas as an energy source can already achieve significant CO2 savings cost-effectively today.
  • Efficient hall heating technologies - for more design freedom

    Energy savings of up to 70 % - with these values, KÜBLER heating systems are perhaps one of the most effective levers for reducing primary energy consumption, CO2 emissions and costs in the hall sector. Depending on the project, this can amount to annual savings of €300,000 and more. A sum that can be used for design. Because it offers financial freedom. For architectural innovations. For further beneficial measures on the building structure. The innovation leader presented its latest developments at ISH 2019 in Frankfurt.
  • Positive results at ISH 2019 - energy-efficient hall heating solutions meet with great interest

    With around 190,000 visitors, 2,532 exhibitors from 57 countries and an increased proportion of foreign visitors (48 %), ISH once again underlined its importance as the world's leading trade fair from March 11 to 15, 2019. And provided a perfect forum for the latest efficiency-enhancing developments from the hall heating specialist KÜBLER.
  • Efficiency First - hall heating offers enormous savings potential

    "The best kilowatt hour is the one saved," says Thomas Kübler. The managing partner of KÜBLER GmbH Energiesparende Hallenheizungen is in good company. DENEFF also states* that too little is being invested, even though energy efficiency pays off, and quotes Lower Saxony's Energy Minister Olaf Lies with his plea for an energy policy based on the principle of "Efficiency First". Experts agree that if the 2030 climate targets are to be even remotely achieved, effective measures are needed quickly. The first priority is to reduce energy consumption. The solution to this can be found in the industrial sector with specially developed hall heating systems from KÜBLER. They combine enormous savings potential with a short ROI.
  • Hall heating refurbishment - simple and lucrative. Practical example PFAFF Industrial

    The old hall heating system consumes too much energy. And it is becoming increasingly unreliable. Good reasons to finally tackle heating modernization and replace the old system with a modern, energy-efficient one. But the expense seems high and is often shied away from. Yet today there are alternative solutions that can also be very interesting from an economic point of view.
  • Seeing energy-saving hall heating with new eyes

    The digital age is changing industry and commerce. Right down to the heating processes. KÜBLER is opening up this path with its innovative heating strategy. The name WÄRME 4.0 stands for a new, holistic view of heat supply in industrial buildings. A program with which the innovation leader creates networks. Digitizing heating processes. And thus offers completely new possibilities. For a future-oriented plus in energy efficiency in the hall sector.
  • High energy efficiency: KÜBLER receives the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award 2018 for the digital hall heating system

    For the 30th time, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture, together with the working groups of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts, is awarding the coveted prize to particularly innovative companies with the hall heating specialist KÜBLER for its digitalized heating solution WÄRME 4.0.
  • Sustainable heating for material storage

    Stadtwerke Frankenthal relies on high-efficiency technology and a healthy indoor climate.
  • Price. Performance. PRIMA.

    The new standard heating line for high performance requirements and tight budgets.
  • Products and system solutions from KÜBLER have made the topic of large room heating one of the most effective levers of the energy revolution.

    WÄRME 4.0 - Energy-saving hall heating has a new face.
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