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How heating maintenance ensures the operational reliability of the hall heating system.

Annual maintenance of your hall heating system ensures that your system works reliably and trouble-free. Small problems can be detected and rectified at an early stage before they lead to major breakdowns. A well-maintained hall heating system enables you to operate smoothly and ensures optimum productivity during the cold season. Think about heating maintenance NOW, before the next heating period catches you cold.

The best reason: heating maintenance keeps energy efficiency high and costs low!

Did you know that a temperature deviation of just 1 °C leads to 6 % more energy consumption? An optimally adjusted and cleaned heating system works more effectively and consumes less energy. Heating maintenance can remove dirt and deposits. A study shows that heavy soiling of the reflectors can impair the high infrared component of energy-saving hall heaters by up to 10 %.

For this reason alone, regular heating maintenance is highly recommended. Otherwise you can expect unnecessarily high heating costs.

By the way: The best time for maintenance is during the warm season. So make an appointment for maintenance right away!

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