Weltkugel, die von einer Hand gehalten wird. Im Hintergrund sieht man

On the way to climate neutrality – what you should know about the space heating of the future

Whether in industry or in private residential construction - anyone deciding today on a heating system or space heating of the future is faced with a lot of question marks. Which energy scenarios will actually determine the future? Which technologies will then become relevant? Is it still worth investing in fossil-fuelled systems? What does the traffic light say? And taking all these questions into account, what is the best heating solution for the hall building in the long term, both functionally and economically?

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Wärmetauschersystem für Infrarotheizungen von KÜBLER

Condensing boiler technology makes high savings potentials in companies usable

"No energy turnaround without energy efficiency" is the title of dena's "Topics and Projects" section on its homepage "The best kilowatt hour is the kilowatt hour saved," says Thomas Kübler, managing partner of KÜBLER GmbH. Both mean the same thing: It's all about curbing energy consumption in general and especially in companies. After all, this is where enormous leverage lies for achieving climate targets. And not only that: energy efficiency also pays off economically if it is approached in the right way technologically. Modern infrared heating technology plays an important role here, especially when intelligently combined with condensing technology.

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Industriegebiet mit mehreren Fabriken und Firmen im Sonnenuntergang

Industrial heating – how safe is the gas supply?

The horrendously rising energy prices, the fear of Putin's supply cut-off, the demand for regenerative energies to combat climate change - all this is currently causing a lot of uncertainty. Is it still worth investing in gas-fired industrial heating at all? The answer to this question is important. Because it will help determine how quickly trade and industry will make their contribution to the energy transition. And how well they will succeed in meeting the future requirement of climate protection in an economically reasonable way.

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Zwei asiatische Experten im Gespräch bei der Überwachung der Fertigung von Industriekesseln in Innenräumen


When the days get warmer, the heating systems in production, storage and other hall buildings are no longer needed for the time being. But after the heating period is before the heating period - so check off now what there is hardly any time for in the fall and winter: heating maintenance!

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