Straßenschild mit der Aufschrift CO2-Steuer

The new CO2 tax: What does it mean for your company?

In 2021, the new CO2 tax came into force. It is designed to help Germany achieve its climate protection targets. Read on to learn what this means cost-wise for your business and what you should do now!

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Frau im Lager mit Tablet in der Hand

How to find the optimal hall heating

Do you want to get the most out of your new hall heating system, save energy costs and be prepared for environmental legislation of the future? Then it is advisable to consider some tips before buying. You can find out which ones in this article.

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Eine Hand die auf eine Darstellung der Energieeffizienzklassen der Heizsysteme zeigt.

4 good reasons to invest in an energy-saving and environmentally friendly hall heating system

Like all sectors, industry must do its part to protect the climate and combat global warming. One important point here is to invest in energy-efficient, environmentally friendly heating systems. In this article, you can read about the specific reasons for this.

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Weitwinkelaufnahme einer Industriehalle von innen

Infrared hall heating in your production: how to create the right indoor climate at work

Hall buildings are a world of their own. Especially in winter. After all, the high rooms pose a real challenge for anyone who wants to ensure the most pleasant working environment possible there. But there are solutions - for example, infrared hall heating.

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