How can 30 to 70 % of heating costs and CO2 be saved? - Quite simply.

February 1, 2020

Food. Climate protection is a hot topic - and not just since Greta Thunberg. Hall heating specialist and efficiency expert KÜBLER will be demonstrating the immense energy and CO2 savings potential that can be achieved in the heating of hall buildings alone. It will be presenting its high-efficiency solutions at SHK Essen from March 10-13.

Sustainability, energy efficiency, environmental protection - from KÜBLER for 30 years

"With our heating technology, we are already meeting the efficiency requirements of 2030," says Thomas Kübler, Managing Partner and founder of KÜBLER GmbH. Energy savings of 30-70 % are already being achieved today compared to conventional systems. In practice, depending on the size of the system, these savings can add up to immense figures. For example, CO2 and energy costs at an industrial company in Hagen have been reduced by around 1,500 tons and 340,000 euros.

"Our hall heating systems are both ecologically and economically interesting," says KÜBLER. It is not for nothing that the hall heating specialist regularly receives high-ranking awards for its solutions. These include the German Sustainability Award and the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award. For 30 years, KÜBLER has been setting new trends time and again and has thus played a decisive role in the development of modern hall heating.

Infrared heating systems such as MAXIMA now achieve up to 80 % infrared content, making them among the most efficient dark radiators available. With WÄRME 4.0, KÜBLER is paving the way for the digital and networked future of hall heating. The multi-patented CELESTRA control system and the E.M.M.A. heat management software offer interesting analysis options - and the prerequisite for completely new service products such as the HeizWerk rental model.

The 3 golden rules for energy-efficient hall heating

KÜBLER believes that saving energy is now easier than ever, especially in the hall sector. The innovation leader will be presenting visitors to SHK Essen with a practical 10-minute forum entitled "3 golden rules for energy-efficient hall heating". The hall heating specialist offers the opportunity to make a fixed appointment at the stand in advance so that there is no risk of waiting times, even when there is a large crowd.

For many years, SHK has been one of the most important platforms where KÜBLER presents its innovations. As the first industry event of the year and a meeting place for HVAC professionals from the trades, installation, planning and consulting sectors from western Germany, BeNeLux and France, the trade fair will take place from 10.03. to 13.03.2020.

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