Products and system solutions from KÜBLER have made the topic of large room heating one of the most effective levers of the energy revolution.

March 18, 2017

WÄRME 4.0 - Energy-saving hall heating has a new face.

At the ISH in Frankfurt from 14-18.03.2017, the indoor heating specialist presented its new heating strategy WÄRME 4.0 with a number of future-oriented innovations. These included three patent-protected innovations.

The digital age is changing industry. Right down to the heating processes of hall buildings. KÜBLER is leading the way with its new heating strategy. The name WÄRME 4.0 stands for a new, holistic view of heat supply in hall buildings. A program with which the innovation leader creates networks. Digitizing heating processes. And thus provides new answers to the challenges of ISO 50001 and future legislation such as the GEG or ErP 2018.

Efficiency is networked today

What does the new heating strategy mean in concrete terms for the heating of hall buildings? One of KÜBLER's answers is networking. WÄRME 4.0 can connect heating systems with production processes. Interlink energy flows in halls and offices. Integrate intelligent services. The new KÜBLER strategy makes completely new synergy effects and savings potential available.

The digital hall heating system

KÜBLER also combines this with WÄRME 4.0: the digitalization of heating processes. Far beyond pure control technology. It is about intelligent device technology and heat management that bundles the data streams of a wide range of components, makes them analyzable and transparent. Across technologies, systems, buildings and locations.

The focus. Pioneering product innovations for the modern hall world

For almost three decades, KÜBLER has been setting the benchmarks in modern hall heating with its patents, patent applications and utility models. Its commitment to basic research and development has made the company a pioneer of energy-efficient infrared technology. The latest product developments from the innovation forge in Ludwigshafen were almost traditionally among the highlights of ISH 2017.

MAXIMA. 80 % Infrared heat. 100 % Fascination.

A passion for efficiency - this is the claim KÜBLER uses to describe the development and market launch of its appliance generation 4.0: MAXIMA. Six years of development time using the latest development surfaces have gone into the new heating line. The result is the complete redefinition of a dark radiator including burner technology. MAXIMA has already exceeded all savings expectations in the pre-series phase. The highlight is the extremely high radiation factor of 80 % infrared heat measured in accordance with DIN EN 416-2, combined with very good combustion efficiency and low NOx values. The energy savings of standard IR technologies are thus exceeded by up to 35 %. Combustion air preheating is an absolute innovation in dark radiator technology and is patented accordingly. In addition to the burner and other details, it is a decisive factor for the extraordinary energy efficiency and performance of the latest KÜBLER product line. Like most KÜBLER appliances, MAXIMA can be modulated - continuously from 40 to 100 %.

CELESTRA. Thermal management outperforms control technology.

With CELESTRA, KÜBLER goes far beyond digital system control in the hall sector. The completely newly developed and also patented system combines sophisticated functionalities and analysis options with a foolproof, intuitive operating concept and the latest requirements for clear OneView visualization. The modular system architecture can be configured as required, can be integrated into BMS and other higher-level system environments, is downward compatible and can therefore be retrofitted at any time in almost all KÜBLER systems. With CELESTRA, the visionary hall heating specialist has developed a heat management system that bundles data streams from different system components, offers comprehensive analysis tools and ensures transparency and documentation across the entire heating process - key requirements for certification in accordance with ISO 50001 and DIN EN 16247, for example.

Remote maintenance and preventive maintenance strategy

With its newly developed remote maintenance system, KÜBLER is increasing the already high availability of its heating systems. Integrated into CELESTRA, the system not only ensures seamless fault analysis and transparency at the touch of a button - with FlameControl (KÜBLER patent), it also provides the basis for a preventive maintenance strategy for the first time.

Infinitely variable from 40 to 100 %. The KÜBLER modulation.

Recognized from 2018 as part of the Ecodesign Directive (ErP, Energy Related Products) through better product evaluation, patented by KÜBLER: KÜBLER has now digitized its modulation. This opens up new possibilities for users of heating efficiency solutions in terms of range of applications and cost-effectiveness. With 40 to 100 %, the digitally controlled KÜBLER modulation probably covers the currently largest output range with optimum combustion ratios (air-gas mixture). It is available across almost the entire KÜBLER product portfolio and also allows the individual design of heating zones.

Powerline instead of bus system.

KÜBLER has had bus systems in its portfolio for years - with its new heating strategy, the company is now focusing on more innovative connections. Using its own patented Powerline system, KÜBLER sends all digital data via the heating system's normal power supply. This pioneering infrastructure brings considerable improvements to functionality and significantly broadens the horizon for further intelligent developments.

Rent heat. New and very economical service.

HeizWerk is the name of the new highly economical industrial solution from KÜBLER. It means renting heat. For halls and adjoining offices. Without any investment in a new system and without any personnel or time expenditure for the user. KÜBLER's innovative service combines all of its expertise from almost 30 years of innovation leadership, its cross-industry experience from thousands of successfully implemented projects and its multiple award-winning efficiency technologies. Users benefit in several ways from the reliable heat supply. This is because there is no need for the extensive in-house expenditure normally associated with the tendering, implementation, operation or servicing of hall heating systems. A fixed rental price is charged. KÜBLER has thus defined an all-round carefree package. At prices that are significantly lower than the operating costs of the old systems. The entire service portfolio was designed with this in mind. With guaranteed savings for users.

Sustainable innovation for energy efficiency.

With its development work, KÜBLER has had a decisive influence on the technologies and functionalities of modern large-space heating for around 30 years. Many developments that mark the state of the art today have their origins in the hall heating specialist's R&D department. "The company's high level of innovation is part of KÜBLER's sustainability strategy," says Thomas Kübler, Managing Partner of the group of companies. In 1996, the company received its first award for pioneering innovation. This was followed by the German Innovation Award in 2004, the Bavarian State Award in 2006, the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award in 2008 and 2012 and the German Sustainability Award in 2012. In addition, two customer projects were awarded prizes for their energy-saving solutions in 2014 and 2016. Last December, Thelen received the Energy Efficiency Award, presented by the German Energy Agency dena. Thelen received the most important German energy efficiency award for the modernization of the heating system at the Neuss site, which reduced heating costs by almost 70 %.

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